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Reason Why Project Management is a Good Career Choice?

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At the present tech era, Project Management is certainly a rewarding career choice but an odd one for sure. If you are a project manager, you must encounter many individuals who want to work on projects and retire as a project manager. However, many choose PMP Certification courses to learn skills because they like project management or want to become one. But, yes it still remains quite popular career choice for several newcomers during the course of their professional journey.

What you know about PMP?

Basically, project management is a career that is seen as a catalyst to grow into higher positions and management roles. Not many choose it as an actual career, so there are some reasons aspirants should know about it:

  • Project Management isn’t considered a separate discipline in many organizations
  • Maybe it’s inherent to the country where I reside or even it’s a worldwide phenomenon.
  • Project Manager has minimal or no authority in most of the organizations, which is not good for their growth.
  • Project Manager works as a better Coordinating function as well as the game-changer one.

Do companies hire only good project managers and that’s the one and only skill for which they are looking out for. Sure, there are one or two but it is tough to spot many. Many organizations want great project managers with single skill on the table. No technical skills or no other add-on skills. Those people need to notice how a good project manager can actually save costs and mental stress.

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Doubts comes up in the mind about PMP

There has been a lot of pertinent questions like “it really good career choice”??

Industries today are grown from the “Sunrise” phase to a more “Matured” where the intent is to offer more bucks for the money. We’re doing the task efficiently and in the right way without mistakes are going to be valued more in the upcoming years.

Furthermore, today’s leaders of several organizations know the bitter truth that working a miracle is God of small things and thus, understand the implications of best practices and strategy.

Thirdly, in this world, the economy is truly growing relatively better and there’s a kind of euphoria with relevance new things, be it entrepreneurship or infrastructure. In a study report, there are 15.4 million jobs in project management by 2020 in India and China alone.

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PMP is a rare combination of Demand and Maturity

Project Management is at the cusp of “Demand” and “Maturity” – a rare combination which will definitely blossom in years coming in the close future.

Now if organizations start recognizing this as a separate discipline and practitioners & aspirants treat project management as a passion, things are going to be great for this field. it’ll be not only a rewarding career choice but a purposeful one for your lifetime.

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