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Why Everyone Is Getting Attracted With PMP?

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If we look at the way to stay in the topmost position in the present market globally then the answer is Project management. That is why many businesses prefer to hire professionals with PMP Certification and training who can deliver better results. And as a result of it the demand for certified Project managers has increased for good roles. But on the other side many aspirants having confusion like “Is it worth to have PMP Certification?”

If you are also having confusion then read this blog as it answer all your queries related to PMP including the study tips to crack the exam in first attempt.

What PMP Certification is?

As we all know that PMP is a certification that will differentiate you from others project managers and it is offered by Project Management Institute – PMI. Attaining a PMP Certification will highlight and possess your skills to accomplish crucial project management tasks. For the project manager, earning a certification is also helpful for the job roles that are important for project completion. As an initial step you need to verify skills and knowledge to accomplish technical tasks as a project manager.

Perks of getting this certification

The PMP certification will give you talent and skills to get salary hike or promotion. Getting PMP certified title will add values in a candidate’s resume and that’s why numerous aspirants desires to earn this certificate. Anyone can develop their skills with this PMP certification Exam for well-paid and respected project management jobs. Getting a certification simply shows that you possess skills of a talented project manager. However, PMP Credentials will make you a valuable asset for your organization and enterprise would promote or keep you.

The certificate of PMP makes your career valuable as it is ranked as the top certificate for project management. PMP Certified experts have 25% higher chances of career boost and well-paid jobs rather than non-certified candidates. So, getting PMP definitely worth as it will boost your career in project management industry.

Things you should know to pursue PMP Certification

Firstly, you need to submit an application to apply for the Project Management Professional certificate. Many candidates think that applying for the PMI certification is difficult but it takes three simple and easy steps as follows:

Confirmation of your eligibility is the first step of the application. A 4 year degree is necessary to apply for the PMP certification. Along with that having 3 years of experience in leading projects. Otherwise, an associate degree or high school diploma with five years of experience in managing the projects. Along with this, you will have to get a 35 hours training in PMP to become eligible for the Project Management Professional certification exam.

The second step is providing information on the following:

  • Information on projects where you have worked.
  • What were your responsibilities there?
  • What was the duration of projects?
  • Give information about the institution you’ve attended.

Step three: Visit the official website of PMI and make an account to submit the application. It is an official platform to apply for the exam. After the review of your application, you need to pay the PMP Exam Fees. If you are a member of PMI then you need to pay less fees as compare to non PMI members. If everything is right then, you will be able to schedule your exam time through offline and online both.

What is in the PMP Exam?

However, the PMP exam outlines are going to be change on 2 January 2021. At present, there are five domains of the Project Management Professional exam that will tests your ability in the PMI exam. After the changes, there will be only three domains in the exam outlines.

So is it enough for you to make a decision about the PMP Certification course?

If you are still having doubts, you should probably read our other blogs that will describe PMP related information such as PMP Certification cost, requirements, duration and much more. Those who want to pursue this training can enroll now at the website of iGlobe Career, where they can learn from PMP experts.  

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