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Why AWS Cloud Certification Worth to Have for Cloud Architects?

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In the present era, AWS Certification Training Providers and AWS Certification courses are huge in demand. As AWS or Amazon Web Services, is a major player in pay as you use basis, cloud computing market as against Google cloud and Azure. Nowadays more and more businesses are using cloud technologies and rest are realizing the need of certified AWS Cloud professional in order to achieve their organizational goals.

However, the role of cloud architect is in high demand and it will continue to endless opportunities for business growth, development, and innovation.

What does a cloud architect do?

Cloud architects are accountable for managing an organization’s cloud computing architecture. The one should have in-depth knowledge of the cloud architectural principles and AWS services accustomed to develop technical cloud strategy, assist with cloud migration efforts, review workload architectures, and supply guidance on a way to address high-risk issues. To do this, cloud architects need a combination of business, technical, and folks skills, likewise as an understanding of the always-evolving technical training which will benefit their team.

What skills are most significant for a cloud architect?

Flexibility and eagerness to be told

A cloud architect must be ready to add a good style of scenarios and be receptive learning the unique requirements of every project. Two projects or customers are not identical, so constant learning and willingness to experiment can help both beginners and experienced cloud architects. With a curious mindset, cloud architects is better equipped to hunt out new approaches to problem solving.

Time management

However, experienced cloud architecture professionals must possess strong time management skills. Their days are varied and might include customer meetings to debate problems and wishes, additionally as designing architectural frameworks for those needs. There is no typical day for this as they have to attend meetings, traveling to onsite meetings with a customer, maintaining with new features via online trainings, or troubleshooting. Therefore, cloud architects should be mindful when it comes to plan their days by prioritizing their time on tasks, and learn ways to manage their time.

Communication skills and business acumen

There are many stakeholders and participants along the cloud journey, from people who pay the bill, to the protection team, to the technical team, to those helping to create decisions about cloud vendors. Successful cloud architects understand how to speak to audiences with little or no technical knowledge, while aligning their recommendations to business imperatives and also the bottom-line.


Many times, the cloud architect are the one who stakeholders address for guidance for problems they have to face. The cloud solutions you’ve recommended are secure, resilient, cost-efficient, and managed with operational excellence. Decisiveness doesn’t necessarily mean dominant or overriding. Cloud architects can provide guidance from a relaxed, leading place of domain authority.

Industry Technical Credentials

Of course, a cloud architect need to possess the mandatory technical skills in order to function the muse for cloud architecture planning and management, including basic programming, software development and continuous integration, modern application architecture skills, and more.
Additionally, cloud architects can attain an industry-recognized certification, like the new AWS Certified Solutions Architect–Associate Training, which validates the flexibility to style and deploy well-architected solutions on AWS that meet customer requirements.

Over the past few years, the cloud computing has evolved from a comparatively unknown technology to a number one driver of business results. While the technology has grown and altered significantly, most skills needed to achieve its use have remained largely constant. By committing to grasp a way to use cloud to its full potential and empowering the professionals who make that possible, cloud professionals can make the foremost of the tremendous opportunity cloud creates for businesses and employees to thrive.

So the blog ends here, I hope above point will make you understand the importance of AWS Cloud Certification for a cloud computing professional.  AWS Solutions Architect–Associate Certification Training is the cloud certification recommended for beginners in order to begin their career in Cloud computing. After this certification they can level up their skills with AWS Certified Solutions Architect–Professional Training. To cut the hassle of doing market research, you can check out the website of iGlobe Career where you will find a complete series of AWS certifications including both cloud computing training courses.