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What A Cyber Security Professional And Ethical Hacker Do?

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As the whole world is moving toward a digital economy and the industry of Cyber Security is about to grow exponentially in the future. That is why many organizations need a certified and skilled Cyber Security expert to protect their critical data. If you are a regular reader of iGlobe, then you must have read our previous blog Cyber Security vs Ethical Hacking: which one you choose?

In the blog, we have learned about the basics of Cyber Security and Ethical Hacking, along with various phases of Cyber Security, Cyber Security engineers v/s ethical hackers, and finally, the difference between Ethical Hacking and Cyber Security. By this blog, you can understand the major differences between Ethical Hacking and Cyber Security and its online certification courses as well.

Now, it is time to discuss the various roles of certified Cyber Security experts and Ethical Hackers to understand the difference between the two job roles.

Job Description of an Ethical Hacker and cyber security professional

Basically, Ethical Hacking is a process that is completed by an ethical hacker who is the legitimate or legal hacker, and their job is to do hacking with the permission of the owner and gives you a complete report about the hack.

Whereas, Cyber Security activities are managed by Cyber Security experts whose main intent is to defend the pc or system from all sorts of malicious activities. Their job is to observe the system regularly and take defensive measures when someone tries to bypass the safety and security system. To understand it in a better way, you need to check out the roles of a Cyber Security expert as follows:

Roles of a Cyber Security expert

  • The main role of a Cyber Security expert is to perform regular audits and can find out the actual inefficiencies present in the system.
  • A Cyber Security expert should implement all the most effective and efficient technologies to enhance the safety measures and security system.
  • He/she should keep the safety system updated by performing regular maintenance.
  • The certified cyber security professional must assign only the appropriate access privileges for advanced system security and protection.
  • He/she needs to enlighten the organization about the implications and consequences of malicious attacks.
  • A Cyber Security expert’s job is to give more and various suggestions for improving the security system.

Roles of an Ethical Hacker

  • The job role of an Ethical Hacker is to evaluate the overall performance of a system by testing its loopholes by using various security breaches.
  • The professional needs to test the safety system of an organization and also suggest solutions that will be helpful to boost it.
  • He/she should perform regular pen tests on the system, web application, and/or the network to test whether it might be possible to violate the security system.
  • He/she should generate reports after finding the vulnerabilities and also provide feedback once the problems are resolved.
  • The professional also needs to inform the organization about how the attack can affect its operations and users.
  • He/she should use the technique of hacking to find out solutions for the weaknesses found in the system.

After understanding the roles of a Cyber Security expert and an Ethical Hacker, now you can say that their main objectives of protecting the system might be the same, but they use different methods or techniques for doing it. If you still have any queries about Cyber security and ethical hacking certification, you must probably read other blogs and articles on the website of iGlobe Career. It is suggested to aspirants to understand all the aspects of training before taking it.

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