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Some Topmost Job Roles And Career Paths To Become An Ethical Hacker

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Ethical hacking can be defined as an easy approach of defending the system and network security of a company by exploiting its existing vulnerabilities and weaknesses and strengthening them with appropriate countermeasures. However, Certified Ethical hackers follow the same methods and techniques of a malicious hacker to identify vulnerabilities, which is able to later be fixed. Unlike black hat hackers, ethical hackers offer their services only if they’re lawfully and legitimately employed to do so.

Career path for becoming an ethical hacker

This may seem like a mysterious and complicated job title, but it is definitely well worth considering. Many people are today looking for ways to get into the IT industry, and this is a perfect option to gain experience and obtain the qualifications for any job in IT. Becoming an ethical hacker is important because of the impact that hackers have on our world today in terms of financial stability or personal data security.

Roles and responsibilities of an Ethical hacker:

• Identifying the failings present in the security infrastructure

• Conducting penetration tests regularly

• Creating an actionable assessment report

• Ensuring the safety tools are upgraded

• Raising awareness among employees of the most recent social engineering attacks

Career path for becoming a Junior Penetration Tester

Penetration testers are the so-called “ethical hackers,” or the good guys which are known as assurance validators, penetration testers. The actual intent behind hiring them is to protect the network from the vulnerabilities that hackers with nefarious means might be able to exploit the data and intelligence.

Roles and responsibilities of the Junior Penetration Tester

  • Understanding the goals and scope of  the penetration testing method
  • Planning and creating more effective ways to conduct a penetration test
  • Perform remote or on-site testing for the client’s network and systems
  • Stay in touch with external or internal users to get the output of the test
  • Deploy and analyse the impact of the vulnerabilities
  • Gather up all the findings and outcomes of the test and generate the report

Career path for becoming an Information Security Auditor

Information security professionals, security auditors basically conduct audits of computer security systems. They possess a complete knowledge of computer and information technologies, along with the expertise in cyber security, penetration testing, and policy development.

Responsibilities of an Information Security Auditor

• Planning, executing and leading the information security audits for the organizations

• Interviewing employees to examine the current security procedures

• Generate an auditing report

• Identifying vulnerabilities within the network and systems

• Review and assess the application controls

Career path for becoming an Information Security Analyst

Becoming an information security analyst is a good way to learn about security, protect businesses, and get into an exciting field. Information Security Analyst career path training requires some serious time management skills. An ISA is required to know how security threats work and how to manage them. They have a deep understanding of network technology that other analysts don’t have and are always ready for the new challenges in cyber-security.

Responsibilities of an Information Security Analyst

• Installing firewalls and other security tools within the network to safeguard sensitive information

• To lead the organization to counter the attack, mitigate all the possible risks related to it

• Making incident response & post-recovery plans

• educate employees and users about essential information security protocols

• Conducting internal as well as external audits to make sure the whole security of the organization

• Keeping themselves up-to-date with the most recent security trends and standards

Career path to become a CISO professional

In order to become a chief information security officer, the aspirants need to be familiar with the concepts of good security practices, information flow in various organizations, and effective strategies for protecting organizational assets. Their professional career path is well recognized by companies and government agencies worldwide.

Roles and responsibilities of Chief Information Security Officer

  • Hiring security professionals
  • Make sure to maintain the coordination at multiple levels of the organization’s structure
  • Organizing campaigns to lift awareness among employees
  • Determining the safety budget for the organization
  • Work on the information security IOTs, managing enterprise risks
  • Establishing security analytics

I think the above career roles will be helpful for those who are planning to establish their career in the ethical hacking and cyber security industry. In case, you have more queries about the job roles or want to enrol for any of the ethical hacking certification training, then you can check out the website of iGlobe Career. At the site, you will get a complete series of several training courses for a better IT Career.

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