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Want To Get Higher Paid – Get Trained In These Certifications

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In this fast pacing world, where every single person is looking for ways to enhance their skill and knowledge levels to get better career opportunities. In order to do that, getting an IT Certification training course online and offline both are highly preferred as well as recommended for the newcomers. As the whole world is working remotely and saving a few hours on regular basis in commute is the only bright side to the continuing COVID-19 pandemic. However, working from home is at an all-time high, and a record number of organizations in several domains are adopting remote work cultures.

Millions of IT professionals across the world have started working remotely since the pandemic began. While there are several ways to utilize this time beyond regulation you have got by not commuting, switching careers, or investing your time and energy to spice up your value in your current job can be an ideal way to begin your career. you’ll be able to reap rewarding long-term professional benefits by enrolling in online courses or gaining IT certifications to enhance your existing skillset.

By getting the right certifications, IT professionals can switch their career paths or can start a brand new career altogether. While getting work experience depends on several factors and most professionals can’t control it. Here are some highly recommended IT certifications for 2021, all of which are expected to get a rise while offering a rewarding career.

Highly Recommended IT Certifications for 2021

Data science

Data science falls on the list of most rewarding and high-paid IT jobs. There are so many streams, certifications, and career options open for candidates related to data science. However, data analytics has taken over the IT world by storm and has been consistently providing several valuable insights to support the info. However, Data Science is considered as the modern era’s gold, which fuels several advanced technologies like machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Companies started understanding the importance of harvesting data, which simply leads to a worldwide surge of jobs for data scientists. In the past few years, the data science industry has grown very rapidly and now provides many job streams for IT professionals with varied experience levels. There are jobs and many other Data Science certification courses focused on tech-savvy, analytically skilled users and architect-level professionals. While starting a career in data science or a related field could be a bit tricky, a valuable certification paired with passion may end up in a very rewarding career.

Digital marketing

Digital marketing is consistently evolving, and organizations are exploring new ways to interact with customers to come up with revenue. This growing profession has space for almost everyone, regardless of their educational or professional backgrounds. An IT professional needs to explore the creative and lucrative digital marketing industry that can employ technology to get business and sales for organizations.

There are several internal subcategories in digital marketing and an aspirant can obtain a certification in any of the specialized fields like SEO, web analytics, social media, and more. Google, Facebook, and Microsoft are among the popular certification providers for digital marketing and most of those certifications are free.

Project management / Agile (Scrum)

Project management Training has always been an in-demand job in the whole IT industry. Project management plays a very crucial role in developing and delivering IT products and services and ensures that the work is completed within the allotted time and budget. The Project Management Professional (PMP) certification indeed is one of the most renowned and recognized certifications for project management. These certifications demonstrate that the candidate has the correct set of skills, experience, and exposure in managing and completing the projects successfully.

Cloud certification

Cloud computing has been on the increase for a previous couple of years, and also the demand for certified cloud practitioners is surging. Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and others serve most global companies with their cloud infrastructure, services, and solutions. except for this, they also offer a huge variety of cloud computing courses and certifications that hold an excellent market value to urge an ideal IT job.

Many of the cloud computing certifications which will facilitate your bag a high-paying IT job are Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect, AWS Certified Solutions Architect and Microsoft Certified Azure Fundamentals.

Cyber security certifications

Cyber threats are increasing, and also the magnitude of losses incurred just because of cyber attacks is increasing exponentially. Companies of all shapes and sizes, regardless of their domain, are falling prey to the growing number of cyber threats. This has created an enormous requirement for certified cyber security professionals who can help companies protect and safeguard against cyber attacks. While there are several certification authorities to offer certifications and training in cyber security, and valued ones are CISSP, CISM, CISA, SRISC, and OSCP.

Apart from these top IT certifications, there are several other areas and certifications which will help you to start your professional career in the IT industry or switch to a special specialty. Certifications for any on-demand programming stack, ITIL, networking, and IT development and operations also hold good value when it comes to your career. If you want to know more about these offline and online certification courses, you can probably tour the iGlobe Career’s website. Here you can register for any IT Certification that will facilitate you to build your career in the IT industry.

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