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Things You Should Do Before Last 7 Days To Your CISSP Exam

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Many professionals believe that qualifying for the CISSP training exam is a very tough thing for an aspirant. If you have read our previous blogs then you must be aware of the exam preparation tips that we discussed in a blog titled Top Six Exam Tips to Crack CISSP Exam With a Blast.

However, you can read it to get exam related guidelines in order to crack it in your first attempt. When it comes to reading exam related information, aspirants can search out thousands of blogs and articles posted all over the internet. Many blogs will teach them about exam preparations for a specific time period, but no one will teach how to do preparation for the last one week.

The crucial week for your career

As the last seven days before the exam are crucial, that is why candidates should utilize this time frame to get a good score in the exam. This blog is all about some activities an aspirant should perform before a week from their CISSP Exam.

7 days to go…

At this point of time you should still continue studying along your agreed study plan developed along with your mentor. Ideally, you should focus more on revising your old practice questions, especially those with wrong answers and correcting them instead of functioning on solving new questions. Speak to your mentor and find all of your outstanding doubts and/or questions clarified and answered. By now, just make sure that you have finished reading the CISSP revision material. If you do not have any revision material, please get in contact with us and your mentor will share some revision material with you.

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5 to 6 days to go…

Now it’s time to focus only on CISSP revision and take a break from your office work. Revise all of your personal CISSP notes and questions. It helps significantly if you’ll be able to practice a full final exam-style CISSP exam. you’ll easily find CISSP practice exams as a part of CISSP books or contact us.

3 to 4 days to go…

Keep going! Honestly, continue revising all of your personal notes and questions including those where you made errors and have corrections. Moreover, understand what you’ve got learnt from the CISSP practice exam you probably did earlier in terms of managing time, concepts you’re not clear with, and any silly mistakes you made.

1 to 2 days to go…

Firstly, take a deep breath and relax. Do not get stressed and anxious about your exam, it will only be detrimental to you. Over the next 2 days, concentrate on reading a few of your keynotes and also the summary points that are provided at the completion of every domain from the ISC2 CISSP book. Also, review books you have got incorporated into your study preparation.

Nothing over this can be required at this stage. make sure you have all of your equipment able to take with you to your exam, including refreshments, i.e. Hall/entry ticket, pencils, pens, calculator, dictionary, chocolates, muffins, drinking water, etc. On the top of everything, try to get a good night’s sleep in readiness before your exam day.

It’s exam day!

Try to be as relaxed as possible and feel confident in what you’ve learned. If there’s any possibility of getting stuck in traffic on your journey or parking is also a problem at your exam venue, take public transport. Aim to reach the exam hall a minimum of half-hour before the beginning of your exam. Remember, aim to try and do your best, that’s all anyone can ask.

As you know that the CISSP certification and training is an official recognition for cyber security professionals that can make you understand this industry thoroughly. If you want to dig in more about this cyber security training, then visit the website of iGlobe Career. Here you can read other blogs and articles in order to do your preparations.Good luck with your Exam!

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