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Things That Will Help You To Qualify The TOGAF Certification Exam

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Getting a new skill or training needs lots of courage as it is not everyone’s cup of tea. So you have that much courage to take the TOGAF 9 certification exam? 

Well, it can be nerve-wracking in the beginning but with the proper guidance, you can surely pass the examination. The TOGAF 9 Certification courses are what you actually need to fully establish your career in the architecture field. Passing the TOGAF certification will not give your career a much-needed boost but also give you access to the tools and services that cannot be accessed by an immature person.  In short, Pursuing Courses for TOGAF 9 Certification worth your time and money.

Once you have successfully finished the training course, the next step that appears on the list is to enroll for the examination. TOGAF is considered as the most popular enterprise architecture certifications around the world. Therefore, aspirants need to have a strong grasp over the fundamental concepts, and architecture domain. It is obvious that without having the proper knowledge, no one can succeed. In this blog, you will learn: 

What does it take to clear TOGAF 9 certification? 

No matter what your teacher has told you about the TOGAF 9 examination, you need to understand that passing TOGAF 9 certification is no child’s play. No matter how much effort and time you have spent while preparing for the exam, what matters is the implementation of methodology in preparation to pass the exam. Here are some things that you can follow to clear the TOGAF examination:

Learn to utilize your time 

To get the credentials, one needs to answer all 40 multiple choice questions in 60 minutes for level one and 8- different scenario based questions in 90 minutes for level two. As time flies when you start answering questions, students need to steady their pace and keep an eagle eye on the remaining time to avoid losing valuable questions due to lack of time. 

Answers the questions you are sure about

During the final preparation of TOGAF 9 Certification Course, your trainer must have explained that level 1 contains 40 multiple choice questions and in order to pass the examination, you need to answer 55% of questions correctly. To save time, students should go for the questions they can answer correctly. 

Once you finish answering the last question, you will get an overall summary that contains all your answers. This will help you to find out which questions are still unanswered or need to be reviewed again. 

Eliminate the wrong answers first 

The level 2 of TOGAF 9 exam contains 8- scenario based questions that students need to answer by choosing the appropriate response from the given options. Answers of the level 2 are graded as “correct answer” will get you 5 points, next closest will get you 3 and remaining will get 1 and 0 respectively. You need to answer 55% correctly to get 24 points.  

Choose which of the answers seems most relevant to the given question or scenario. The in-depth observation and reasoning can help you to reduce the risk of getting wrong answers and increase the chances of right answers. 

Do as much as practice you can

You can prepare yourself for the examination with TOGAF 9 courses and training. There are numerous institutes like iGlobe Career who provide a questionnaire to students who are preparing for TOGAF certification. 

I hope the following tips can surely assist you to qualify the TOGAF Certification exam with higher grades. Moreover, if you need any help then, you can consult with experts at iGlobe Career’s website. 

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