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3 Simple Steps To Understand the PMP Certification Method

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If you are planning to become a project manager, you must read several blogs and articles about project management. For this purpose, individuals pursue PMP Certification and training course that are the most effective way to get the PMP title. As the certification equips you with the fundamental knowledge of handling projects as well as project team also.

However, PMP is one of the most important industry-recognized certifications for project managers. A Certified PMP Expert is capable to work in virtually any industry both with any methodology and in any location. But, becoming a PMP is not an easy thing, that is why here are three simple levels you should follow to become a PMP expert:

Steps of to Become a PMP

If you are meeting all the PMP Certification requirements in place that we discussed above, your first step in PMP journey would be to apply for the exam while preparing for the PMP exam in parallel.

Step 1: Applying for PMP Exam

As I said above the first thing you need to do is login to the PMI website and start filling the application form. Here, you need to enter your personal information including contact details, educational qualifications, and your experience. While entering experience, make sure it should be as per the five PMP domains of Initiating, Planning, Executing, Monitoring & Controlling and Closing.  In the last section, you will enter the clarification of 35 hours of PMP certification training that you have taken.

Application Review

Once you submit the application online, your application is picked for audit. If everything is according to their need, you will receive a link to download the audit package. Moreover, you will get intimation about fee payment and you need to complete the formalities within 90 days of receiving the audit link.

PMP Exam Fee Payment

The next thing in the PMP Certification Process is fee payment. You can pay the exam fee online through credit card. If you have taken PMI Institute annual membership, you get to pay less as compared to native fees. But, make sure that you get your membership ID before paying the exam fee so that you can leverage the discounted fee.

Schedule Your Exam

Once you receive the confirmation of fee payment, you need to schedule your exam date. But, it only depends on the exam preparation that you have done so far in terms of study. So, fix the date and prepare for the exam accordingly. If you are scoring above 85% in a few reliable PMP Question Banks or PMP exam simulators, book your exam date and time slot at your place. In case, you reschedule the exam within one month of exam date, you have to pay a particular penalty fee.

Step 2: Preparation for the PMP Certification Exam

Eligibility- Input requirements

Your 35-hour project management education program or the online PMP certification course are the crucial factors for success. This Certification Exam Preparation not only gives you the required eligibility but also provides you ammunition to shoot your target or goal.

Study hard to achieve your goal 

As it is mentioned earlier, use the Study-take test-revise-retest technique to prepare for your exam. Just study hard as much as you can and for that you can take help from the PMBOK handbook. It is coupled with 47 processes and each process has certain inputs, tools & techniques which produce the desired outputs for you. Being a part of PMP Certification preparation, you need to be aware not only of the content but how to approach or entertain the questions in the exam.

Step 3: PMP Certification Exam

So the last step in the PMP Certification process is taking the exam. You should answer 180 questions within 4 hours during the exam. The questions will test your understanding of application, and interpretation in project management framework and project data. Therefore, your PMP Certification Process ensures that you are geared up for this.

By now, you should have understood how to manage your time and attempt the questions for the exam. PMP Certification Exam process ensures that you do not miss out any critical aspects of the preparation such as time management, mental makeup for the exam in addition to the PMBOK and application to projects. Make sure you do not spend more than a minute for a single question. In case having any confusion or query, you can take a tour to the website of iGlobe Career, best online certification training course provider where you will find several blogs and articles related to PMP Training.

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