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Skills That Will Help To Become AWS Cloud Architects

7 Must-Have Skills That Will Help To Become AWS Cloud Architects

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In this present tech era, learning multiple skills has become a new trend for everyone especially for IT professionals. In order to follow this trend, many professionals are trying their hands on AWS certification courses to learn cloud computing skills. 

To gain cloud architect skills, one must possess an in-depth knowledge of cloud computing, its role, and most importantly its uses. Professionals should have an understanding of the necessary tech skills such as networking, knowledge of programming languages, and fundamental soft skills which can be gained by the AWS cloud architect certification. So let’s begin our today’s blog that describes seven crucial skills that are required to work as a cloud computing professional. 

AWS Cloud Architect Skills Required

1. Java, Python, C++

The first and foremost skills required to become an AWS Cloud Architect are the art of coding and programming. The one should be enough capable to write codes in programming languages having a legal AWS SDK like Java, Python, or C++. However, AWS SDK refers to the software tool that is used for AWS resources for creating applications and libraries. It can only happen when the AWS cloud architect understands programming very well and can come up with logical solutions. A certified cloud architect can use a programming language to demonstrate and investigate the implementation of the newest or upcoming technologies.

2. Data Storage Fundamentals

Many data storage options are available in AWS, therefore, a cloud architect must have an understanding of where and know when to use each. However, AWS cloud architects should have an understanding of how, where, and when to use databases in a process. Intensive knowledge about data storage fundamentals is important as you’ll need to compare and analyze the value, different capabilities, and performance after that you need to choose the most effective available option to store data.

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3. Networking

Understanding networking is also another indispensable skill that is needed to play an AWS cloud architect’s role. Without knowledge of networking, you may find it really hard to develop secure cloud-based solutions. It is necessary to know everything about DNS, TCP/IP, HTTP, CDN, and VPC. Also, you have to know how to use CDN, Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), and services like Route 53 (DNS) for designing cloud networking. You can choose the AWS cloud architect certification course to understand complex networking skills. This exam will fit in your budget and you get 170 minutes to successfully complete the exam. Abilities validated by this AWS course include- designing, developing, and deploying cloud-based solutions using AWS designing and maintaining network architecture, etc.

4. Security Foundations

To gain good AWS Cloud Architect skills, you ought to also study IAM (Identity and Access Management) which can aid you in ascertaining which resources are often accessed by which users and so on. To get this skill, you can choose the AWS Cloud Security Certification-Speciality. Two years of hands-on experience securing AWS workloads is usually recommended for this certification. This AWS cloud architect online course validates your ability to grasp specialized data classification and AWS data protection mechanisms, secure internet protocols, data encryption methods, and trade-off decisions about cost, security, and deployment complexity is given a collection of application requirements.

5. Cloud-specific patterns and technologies

This is undoubtedly the foremost essential skill required for AWS Cloud Architect. Cloud offerings describe the functionality that’s offered by cloud providers to implement by an application for processing workload, communication, and data storage. Cloud application architectures describe the structure of cloud applications and Cloud application management deals with the management of those applications. A Cloud Architect must be versed with these terms. you must be ready to use the AWS infrastructure correctly for simple recovery and availability. you need to also understand how to use messages and the way to handle failure to make them cost-effective applications. you’ll be able to pursue several AWS Solution Architect Certification courses that are available online or take cloud training to get knowledge about cloud computing, cloud management skills.

6. AWS Service Selection

There are front and back-end technologies involved during a cloud architecture that’s backed by components provided by Amazon. An AWS Cloud Architect should know what services are available and which of them would be relevant to a specific organization. However, every AWS architect must bear in mind the essential services like SNS (notifications), SQS (simple queuing), and RDS (Relational Database Service).

7. Container

Last but not least one is Containers which is also an important skill for AWS Cloud Architect. Docker and Kubernetes are the foremost popular container tools. Containers allow businesses to make hybrid applications, package batch processing jobs, and scale machine learning models quickly. AWS’s container services which are integrated with AWS are widely used as they leverage the breadth and depth of the AWS cloud from networking, security to monitoring. You’ll also go for the several Docker and Kubernetes training courses that are available like Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA), Software Conformance, Certified Kubernetes, etc. to accumulate and enhance this skill.

Why AWS Cloud Architect Certification is Important?

AWS cloud architect courses are designed to validate the cloud expertise of an individual to work in the organizations in building effective and innovative teams for cloud initiatives using AWS. Getting AWS cloud architect certification marks you as a skilled and knowledgeable professional in the cloud computing market. Choosing the right AWS cloud architect online course will facilitate your to excel in your career. For that, you need to do a lot of market research to pick up the needle from the haystack. 

If you want to cut out this step then you can take a look at the complete series of AWS training courses by iGlobe Career that will definitely help you to become a certified professional. 

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