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Jobs Roles You Can Opt To Become A Six Sigma Expert

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These days, there is a neck-to-neck competition in the organizations to hire the best Six Sigma professional to get organizational benefits. There is no doubt that a professional with Six Sigma Certification and expertise will be an asset for a company. As Six Sigma project helps them to measure the baseline and targets the process accuracy in the context of DPMO & Sigma Level.

Out of all six sigma courses, the green belt is the one that is highly preferred by the aspirant that gives them core knowledge of DMAIC methodologies. Below are some job roles a professional can do easily with Lean Six Sigma understanding:

What Job roles can you get with a Six Sigma Green belt?

There are a number of jobs available to professionals who hold Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification, but they are not bound to it, to the following:

Continuous improvement manager

A standard role in the manufacturing sector, continuous improvement managers are liable for improving production efficiency through the measurement and testing of organizational procedures. The one is expected to drive the continuous improvement method of key processes and systems that helps to identify new metrics to measure efficiency and implement programs that have long-term business benefits.

Quality engineer

Being a quality management engineer, you’ll be responsible for ensuring your organization’s products or services meet the desired customer standards. this can involve working closely with various stakeholders including customers, design teams, suppliers, and manufacturing teams, in order to find out any issues that might impact the entire quality of the final product. Quality engineers will typically be also responsible for creating any documentation regarding quality standards, likewise as devising and conducting quality tests.

Quality manager

The role of a quality manager can make you a bit confused as there is so many things need to do. However, while a quality engineer takes more of a bottom-up approach to quality improvement, a quality professional can effectively own the better change in a company. Key responsibilities include understanding customer has to develop effective quality control processes, devising and reviewing product and process specifications, and setting and monitoring compliance with material requirements for suppliers.

Process analyst

Process analysts are also referred to as improvement analysts that help organizations to identify any areas where processes and performance is improved. they will do this by interviewing internal staff and concluding site observations to judge whether the suitable equipment, personnel, and methods are getting used or not. Process analysts also are expected to be on top of industry trends so that they can identify any technological developments that might cause even greater process efficiencies.

What amount can you earn after Six Sigma Green Belt Training?

According to a salary survey report the average salary in the United States for somebody with Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification is $101,500. The salary range is in between $83,100 and $109,300, which will be based on the number of factors including additional skills and certifications, education, working experience somebody has in their chosen profession, and the industry in which they are working.

However, it is estimated that the average salary of a certified Green Belt at $95,261, with a Salary Survey stating that Green Belts earn more than $10,000 as compared to Yellow Belts. This salary is one of the biggest reasons why more and more aspirants choose Certification in Six Sigma. The most effective thing about completing a certification is the applicability and credibility that comes with it. Professionals with these credentials can now work in several other sectors such as telecom, HR, marketing, and plenty of more. 

To sum up this blog, we can say that getting a certification in Six Sigma definitely helps quality management professionals to diversify and land their dream jobs. If you are planning to get Six Sigma credentials, then you can check the online certification courses of iGlobe Career. Here they offer numerous courses and serve as one of the best Six Sigma Certification course providers in the USA and other countries as well. 

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