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Five Major Reasons Why You Should Become A PMP Certified

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When it comes to choosing a career path, project management is always on the top of the list as it is a very flexible and versatile career for newcomers. However, pursuing PMP Certification and training is the first step you need to take in order to become a project manager. It should be noted that a PMP skilled professional can work in any industry in almost every country or location. That is the main reason why employers ask for PMP certification while hiring a project manager.

If you are confused or not able to make your mind about project management, then this blog is ideal for aspirants like you. As it is coupled with five major reasons why you should go for PMP certification.

PMP Makes Your Resume Stand Out from others

At the present moment, experienced project managers certified with PMP are in high demand by recruiters. Having a credential, like PMP, next to your name at the highest of your resume creates credibility for hiring managers, in keeping with a writing on It helps your resume to face out from the slew of applications received for a vacancy. Recruitment managers usually consider the PMP credential mentioned in a very resume as proof that the candidate has acquired the required skills to require on challenges during a project management role, has the knowledge to hold the project through from start to complete, and is committed towards his or her development.

PMP Certified Can Demand and Earn a good Salary Package

There is no doubt that PMP certification enhances your marketability, and project managers with the credential can usually expect a good percentage of salary hike. Compensation for knowledgeable project managers holding the credential is among the most effective within the industry.

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According to a salary survey, the best average annual salary of certified PMP professionals can go up to $152,000 within the USA, $131,000 within the UK, $135,000 in UAE, $138,000 in Asian country, $189,000 in Switzerland and $153,000 in Australia.

PMP Certification Improves Your Knowledge and Skills

Preparing for the PMP certification exam would require you to create your knowledge within the following domains of project management that are initiating, planning, executing, monitoring and controlling and closing the project. With knowledge of A Guide to the Project Management Body of information, PMBOK Guide, you’ll be able to clearly articulate the important aspects of a project charter, like goals, resource requirements whether it is human, material or financial, assumptions, risks and constraints. It gives you clarity of concepts, objectives and improves communication skills so that your team can perform better and complete the project efficiently. However, PMBOK Guide is a typical language specially designed for project managers working in the same organization.

Professionals Can Make Their Own Place in this Demanding Market

According to the survey report from PMI, between 2010 and 2020, there are around 15.7 new global project management openings across seven industries including manufacturing, business services, finance and insurance, oil and gas, information services, construction, and utilities. Certification in PMP provides concrete evidence of your capabilities within the domain and can facilitate your to grab any of those open positions.

PMP Certification is Applicable Across Industries

The knowledge and skills gained as a part of the PMP certification will be transferred across industries and geographies when it involves their exercise. As I said in the beginning, PMP credential isn’t restricted to any single methodology, organization or industry. It’s also widely accepted across industries, including manufacturing, construction, IT, aerospace and defense, utilities, telecommunications, and banking and finance.

So is it enough for you to make a decision about the PMP Certification course?

If you are still having doubts, you should probably read our other blogs that will describe PMP related information such as PMP Certification cost, requirements, duration and much more. Those who want to pursue this training can enroll now at the website of iGlobe Career, where they can learn from PMP experts.

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