You are currently viewing Information related to PRINCE2 That Every Professional Should Know About

Information related to PRINCE2 That Every Professional Should Know About

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When it comes to finding the right set of project management Certifications, PRINCE is tough to beat! As a known project management methodology PRINCE2 is practiced by the teams in more than 150 countries.

Still, there are many who still aren’t alert to good PRINCE2 practices. Of course, as a part of the project management team you contribute to the overall process, sip coffee and attend the meeting to talk about the process but have you ever wondered if you’re following the right practices or not? And if yes, then how did you differentiate it from the bad practices?

Well, maybe a circumstance never occurred you to ask such a question

No worries! Let’s find out- together this time.

Overview of PRINCE2 

PRINCE2 is the Project in the control environment, a project that is specially designed to deliver particular service to drive the desired results.

It all started back in 1975 with the name “PROMPT II IN the CCTA and later changed into PRINCE which further updated to PRINCE2 in 1996. The current version we use was updated in 2009.

PRINCE2 is the project management framework that usually focuses on organizational control over the project- right from the start to finish. The main objective of implementing the project management framework is to plan every before the project kick-off and wrap everything once it is finished.

High priority practices of PRINCE2

Now, coming back to our main question- what are PRINCE2 good practices? Or do they get covered in the Prince2 Training Course for Certification? Well, we are about to find out:

Pre-project work

Do you know there are several things that need to be done before a project- is in a true manner begins? In the PRINCE2 framework, this stage is known as ‘initiation’ that includes lots of ticking work like is this project worth my time and effort? Is it fully scoped? Has senior management reviewed it? What they are expecting from it? And so many other questions. So, brace yourself to conduct all the research to find the correct answers.

Following the risk management approach

Do you have some space for the risk? Well, the PRINCE2 has got your back. The approach itself has covered risk management, so there is no chance that you could go wrong here. The risk management includes how you identify, plan, design, implement and manage risks while working on a project.

Effortless and efficient communication

Another good practice of PRINCE2 is effortless and efficient communication which is also considered as a soft skill necessary to become the project manager. But do you know why? Because as per the industry expert a project manager spends around 90% of his day communicating and managing the team. So, if you lack the communication skills then, you may not be able to perform your job well.

Planning the quality in advance

 Does your project require quality registration? If yes, then how are you planning to monitor the quality of your services? The quality documentation is what you need to do to measure the quality of service but only after you finalize the quality criteria.

Establishing the culture

The last but not least practice is to establish the culture. The culture of your company reflects your true value and as many say you cannot go right with the project if you go wrong with the culture. The positive work environment in the organization builds a constant workflow while building a strong relationship with stakeholders.

In the end, there are many who take the project performance into the recognition but in the PRINCE2 framework preserving, executing and facilitating can increase the project result and team know more about it, you can read out more blogs at iGlobe Career. Moreover, you can also register to get a Prince2 Certification training for yourself.

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