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Most Common Questions Asked By Six Sigma Training Aspirants

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Want to become a certified Quality Management Professional but have lots of questions about its training?

 Well, it is obvious to have plenty of questions in your mind when it comes to their career selection. So if you are looking for ways to make a career in change management then you should begin your career with Six Sigma Yellow Belt Training. For confusion and training related questions we have prepared a list of some most common questions and answers for which you are looking.

What is the format of the exam and how long does it take to complete?

All exam questions are multiple choice and true/false. Six Sigma Certification Exam aspirants need to answer all the questions up to 4 hours for the Certified Black Belt Exam, 3 hours for the Green Belt Exam and up to 2 hours for the Yellow Belt Exam. 

Do these Six Sigma Certification Exams contain extra non-graded questions?

Yes it is true in a few cases. Some exams contain additional non-graded questions but it will never leave an impact on your overall score. These non-graded questions get changed in a specific interval of time and no one can assure you which questions they will not count either towards or against your examination score. Moreover, these questions might help you to test your overall performance on the exam so that you will understand where you are standing. 

The Six Sigma Black Belt Exam contains 150 questions and may also include up to an additional 15 non-graded questions. The Green Belt Exam includes 100 questions plus 10 non-graded questions and the entry level Yellow Belt Exam contains 60 questions and 6 non-graded questions. The Lean Expert Exam contains 110 questions with 11 non-graded questions and the Lean Leader Exam have 90 questions and 9 non-graded questions additionally. 

Is it necessary to do a Six Sigma certification or training course first before attempting the exam?

There is no such prerequisite but, it is always advisable to pursue a Six Sigma training before going for the exam. As it helps you to understand its significance and allows you to handle things at an enterprise level. Not only this, it also develops better problem solving and quality management skills in you along with a chance to achieve 10% to 15% more salary than others.

What can you expect to learn with a Six Sigma course?

A Six Sigma Green Belt training program offers you so many skills including how to use the DMAIC model to identify organizational problems. In addition, it also includes lectures on the topics that are related to problem solving statistical tools that are in turn enhanced by hands-on learning guides.  

How many times can I reattempt for the certification exams?

It might happen, not everyone can be smart enough to crack the certification in the first attempt. So, if you failed to pass the certification exam in your first attempt, then you can go for a 2nd sitting for the same within two weeks of the first sitting. For 3rd attempt you need to wait for at least three months from the day of your first attempt. 

However, ATA application candidates are allowed only 1 retake attempt. ATA candidates can reapply for certification in 6 months after the original application submission but not before.

I hope the above questions will be helpful for you and you have found all of your answers for which you are surfing the internet. For duration, curriculum and duration related queries related to Six Sigma Green Belt course along with Yellow belt, Black belt and Master Black belt, you can check out the website of iGlobe Career. 

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