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Learn Hacking To Grab These Five Job Professions

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Cyber security has become a real concern for businesses whether it is big and small, it’s a problem that isn’t going away. As everyone is being more reliant on the tech and automation industry so learning ethical hacking and being a CEH professional is becoming a job role in demand.

This domain is just for you, if you’re considering a career change and fancy yourself as a tech superhero. It will be good if you get EC council certified ethical hacking credentials and learn hacking. As there is a whole ream of careers you’ll be able to bag which will enlighten and tickle those neurons.

Careers That Are lined Up For Future

1. Information Security Analyst

Imagine yourself as an IT detective, your job would be to detect and stop cyber threats for your employer. If you are nosey by your nature and love coming to the rescue then this might be the CEH job for you. Basically you may analyse all of the software, hardware and networks everyday to identify weaknesses and find creative ways to safeguard and repair those weaknesses. As an Information Security Analyst, your duties also will include setting new protocols for the business and training up employees on security awareness or procedures.

Becoming an Information Security Analyst could be a great step towards a leadership role like cyber security director or CISO experts. From this position you may reach the position of Security Architect, Engineer, Manager or Consultant, which is able to all take you one step closer to a more senior leadership role.

2. Certified Ethical Hacker

Certified Ethical Hacker training would after all smoothly lead you into a career as a certified Ethical Hacker, and therefore it will become quite popular as your first move after CEH training. Being a hacker from the inside, helping businesses to secure themselves from dodgy hackers trying to barge in. As a certified Ethical hacker you’ll understand cyber threats from both perspectives and it will be a very important part of the cyber security team.

However, while back into the old days when cyber threats were an alien concept which was an unofficial route into a career in hacking, he did do lots of jail time first and there are now much smoother CEH training career paths available – so do not be tempted to begin getting into Black Hat.

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3. Cyber security consultant

A more senior role that’s attainable once you have got some experience as an ethical hacker or information security analyst. you may have to have great negotiation and leadership skills but even have the swagger to handle clients and acquire the most effective way out of your IT teams. If you are curious about problem solving and have a keen eye in system or network vulnerabilities, this can be an ideal career path for you.

As a Cyber security consultant you’ll work closely with IT teams to find out the most effective way to protect the business against cyber attacks. Deliver guidance and training to the cyber security team, maintain corporate security policies and design security architecture for any given IT project.

4. Penetration Tester

This role is a bit familiar to the role of Ethical Hacker, but ultimately during this job you’re more focused on the testing. I.e. looking for vulnerabilities instead of solving them.

Just like malicious hackers, penetration testers also attack IT systems to locate security flaws with the consent of the owner. If the entire process of hacking and breaking into systems gives you a thrill then you’ll love this job. Your days are spent trying to interrupt into your own systems and once you find a weakness you’ve earned your wages for the day. you would possibly even do some spy activity trying to get employee emails or test the boundaries of clients to work out what data you’ll be able to extract.

5. Forensic Computer Analyst

Working as a Forensic Computer Analyst will float your tech loving boat. It is a bit like an enhanced Penetration Tester, but you also must have some pretty tight reverse engineering skills and a top notch understanding of the most recent attack methodologies.

If you would like to springboard from this role and make your way to the top, with experience as a Forensic Computer Analyst you get a promotion to Senior Analyst or Head of Security.

To become a professional in this industry, you need to pass the CEH exam first and then level up according to the job role. The training is provided by EC-Council to maintain the integrity of the certification exams by offering different question banks. Many aspirants opt to take a certification training course so they’ll do a stronger preparation for the CEH Exam.

If you’re also planning like them, then doing a training from iGlobe Career will be beneficial for you to crack the exam in your first attempt. As they provide various ethical hacking training courses with certified and well experienced instructors.

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