Being a country with 29 different states and 7 Union Territories, with 23 legal languages, India has its unique education structure divided into different education boards in India. iGlobe Career offers content of a range of state boards as listed below:

CBSE, ICSE & 20+ State Boards

What Sets our k-12 apart?

Video Lectures

iGlobe Career offers engaging, interactive, and solution-oriented videos prepared by experienced teachers to create a roadway to understanding concepts in a better way. With each enriched and detailed video, we aim to impart knowledge to our students by extending learning beyond four walls. Our video lectures come with:
  • Research-based video content
  • Step-by-Step video solutions
  • Detailed explanation with real-time examples
  • Blended structure for effective learning

Live Classes

As a leading learning platform, iGlobe Career leverages cutting-edge technology and educational research to revolutionize how aspirants engage in k-12 learning. By delivering live classes, we aim to students studying from home while solidifying learning with personal interaction.
  • Reimagining instructions to connect better
  • Scheduling flexibility with custom lectures
  • On-time solutions and support
  • Comfortable learning environment

Topic Wise Assessment

Identify learning gaps by understanding points where you are facing difficulties to grasp concepts. The regular topic wise assessment followed by thorough review allows students to identify the grey area, where they are lacking. Such hassle will be replaced with the right strategy, support and solutions.
  • Assessment tools to sync learning with educational goals
  • Engaging and interactive multimedia sessions
  • Exam rules and guidelines for better preparation
  • Multiple format practice with proctoring technology

Question Bank

There is no point in preparation if you don’t practice. To identify and eliminate any loopholes in exam preparation, iGlobe career offers a different question bank that contains questions derived from yesteryears exam papers to enhance their problem-solving capability, answer formatting and speed to ace the final exam.
  • Reduce exam stress and fear
  • Enhance overall capability and confidence
  • Helps in Preparation analysis
  • Improve accuracy and time management

Analytic Report

Gain new confidence with a final analytical report that defines your progress, knowledge and skills you have acquired throughout the interactive training with iGlobe Career. Instead of working on your preparation on mere assumptions, adjust your strategies based on real-time data.
  • A better understanding of student’ learning
  • Highlights grey areas where students need to work
  • Prepare students to perform better in future
  • Topic was assessment and reporting