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All Information About Ethical Hacking- Introduction And Types

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We currently live in a world with a digital age where almost everything is online and connected to the internet. Keeping everything digitized certainly makes life quite easier, but this idea comes with certain consequences. Hacking is one of the largest shortcomings with regards to computer and information technology. However, Ethical Hacking Training or penetration testing has come up as a professional career for IT aspirants to counter this. As a result of it, plenty of questions comes up in their mind so, let’s answer some of the questions about ethical hacking.

What is Ethical Hacking?

Ethical Hacking, it is explicitly implied that we are talking about hacking that is based upon ethical or moral values, without having any bad or ill intent. Ethical Hacking is defined as any kind of hacking which is authorized by the owner of the target system. It can also relate to the method of taking active security measures to defend systems from hackers with malicious intentions.

From a technical standpoint, Ethical Hacking is the process of bypassing or cracking security measures implemented by a system to identify and resolve vulnerabilities, data breaches, and potential threats. It’s only deemed ethical if the regional or organizational cyber laws/rules are followed. This job is formally called a process of penetration testing. As the name describes itself, this practice involves trying to infiltrate the system and documenting the steps involved in it.

To add more to it, an Ethical Hacker hacks the targets or focuses on the system before any harmful hacker can find vulnerabilities. This enables the system security team of the organization to implement a security patch in the system and effectively eliminate an open-loop or breach for the attacker to enter the system or execute a hack.

Types of Hacking

Hacking is such a broad concept. There are three basic types of hacking that are categorized according to their legality, activities, and intent as follows:

  • Black Hat Hacking
  • Grey Hat Hacking
  • White Hat Hacking

Black Hat

Black hat hacking is a specific sort of hacking where the intent is malicious in nature and is the furthest from Ethical Hacking. If someone decides to hack a social media account or the personal space or storage of a person and acquire personal information or private media content, or if someone decides to hack a bank account details and perform an illegal transfer of funds into his own account, the person will be termed as a Black Hat Hacker. There must be always a victim in such attacks, and these hacks are illegal in most countries as per their cyber laws. If someone got caught perpetrating a black hat attack, there’ll be strict legal actions against you.

Grey Hat 

Grey hat hacking relies on the grey area in hacking. There’s a vague line between ethical and unethical hacking, and grey hat hacking is any kind of activity that’s situated on that line. Grey Hat Hackers don’t necessarily have malicious intent behind their hacks but are often financially motivated. Usually, a Grey Hat Hacker finds out the vulnerabilities or issues in a system first and then informs the owner, demanding some sort of financial incentive to reveal or fix it. Now, this could end up in two ways: The owner may reward the hacker for his efforts, or the owner may decide to call the police or pursue legal proceedings against the hacker for his unauthorized actions.

White hat hacking is also called Ethical Hacking. It’s the legal way of hacking, and you’ll be able to base your entire career as a Certified Ethical Hacking professional in a particular domain. Contrary to what a Black Hat Hacker does, a White Hat Hacker either takes on a full-time or part-time contract or a bug bounty to search out the cyber security flaws, exploits, and vulnerabilities of the employer’s system. It is a very lucrative domain for skilled and seasoned Ethical Hackers.

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