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Impact Of Covid On The Future Of Project Management

What Will Be The Impact Of Covid On The Future Of Project Management?

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The COVID-19 pandemic has been spread over all industries and is changing the way we live, socialize, and work. Because of this, many people have switched to remote work or telecommuting, while others have faced lay-offs and job losses. For businesses employing experienced and certified project managers is more crucial than ever to survive in the post-pandemic world. 

Also for project managers, the post effect of COVID leaves a drastic impact on the operations and management. As remote work has obstructed the collaborative approaches that are often seen in the old traditional working environment. On the top of that, Lockdowns and border closures have caused a critical disruption for everyone, and also the risk of operating a business and managing projects have skyrocketed.

In a world of COVID pandemic, project management still remains the only key to success for many well-known brands or businesses. Let’s imagine what will be the future of the project management industry with remote working, upskilling, and the residual effects of the pandemic on our industry.

Remote Working in Project Management

The pandemic has revealed that the future of project management like many other industries are remote working. However, implementing remote work for project management is not an easy feat. From facing issues surrounding collaboration and accountability, to inept corporate culture, there are several challenges to beat it up when building and managing a digital team.

While remote working in project management is an adjustment, there are benefits to managing a team of remote workers, like the capability to employ top candidates for the open roles across the country. To best manage a virtual team, project managers have to concentrate on clear lines of communication, clear expectations and goals, and direct feedback. Switching to remote working requires a balancing act for project management professionals. But if properly executed, project managers gain the skills to form a highly skilled team of contractors that yields exceptional results.

Some Trickling Impacts of the Pandemic in Project Management

Changing how and where we work is simply the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the trickling effects of the pandemic on the upcoming future of project management. Here are some ways COVID-19 continues to shape in the recent time of project management:

Working with Contractors

Hiring the expert contractors to help on a project is going to be a challenge. Project managers will have to consider the financial stability of a contractor to complete their project, carefully analyze contracts, and perform a risk analysis of all critical contractors to avoid potential disruptions to productivity.

Supply Chain

Lockdowns and border closures have created a nightmare for industries hoping on the supply chain, which has led to increased costs and longer lead times for products and parts. It’s clear the fate of project management is forward-thinking, so project managers must get proactive to support the potential threat of a supply chain disruption. This could include stockpiling critical materials or sourcing local alternatives.

Risk Mitigation

Risk mitigation is more essential than ever in the way forward for project management. The potential of recent and evolving risks like lockdown measures or virus transmissions. That simply means project managers or PMP professionals must create comprehensive contingency plans that are frequently reviewed and updated.

Cost Implications

The burden of an unstable economy may lead to limited income for project managers during a post-COVID world. Project managers are going to be required to optimize their capital to stretch tightening budgets to the most effective of their ability. The chance of future COVID-19 transmission not only affects a project manager’s risk mitigation, but it also poses substantial cost implications. Health and safety protocols for a worker infected with the virus could end up in workplace closures and enhanced cleaning measures, both resulting in major cost implications for a company.

COVID-19 and the PMP Exam

However, the COVID-19 pandemic has caused a prolonged delay to the release of the new PMP exam pattern or guidelines. While January, 2021 finally marked the official transition to the new exam content and layout, project managers preparing for their PMP certification exam may experience extreme delays due to high volume of contacts. Learn more about changes to the PMP exam with iGlobe Career.

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