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What You Should Do Pass The PMP Exam In A First Try

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Who doesn’t want to clear the PMP exam in a first attempt?

Well, the answer is ‘Everyone’ but if you pay attention to the statistics, you may find that only 3 out of 5 aspirants can crack the exam in a first attempt. So, does it mean it is difficult to crack the PMP certification training and exam in a first attempt?

Although there are many who will node ‘yes’ to this question, passing is not as difficult as they claim to be. If you look at the reasons why they failed to pass the examination, then you may find they all have the common patterns. For instance, many of them didn’t have enough time to complete all the questions, they didn’t practice before taking the time, they didn’t have any writing plan in hand, etc.

Now, the secret behind cracking the exam in a first attempt lies in the lessons you have learned from their mistakes and not repeating them when it comes to writing your own exam. Let’s spare a glance at some tips that will help you to pass the PMP test in a very first attempt:

Tips to qualify PMP exam in a first attempt

Gain expertise in PMBOK

The first and foremost thing you need to clear the PMP exam is to gain expertise over the Project Management Body of Knowledge often known as ‘PMBOK’ which is published by PMI. But why PMBOK, after all, there are so many study materials available in the market? Because no matter how many books are out there nothing can replace the “official guide”. Mastering the PMBOK will help you to gain conceptual clarity and build a strong foundation, which is necessary to clear the exam.

Learn from industry experts

Enrolling yourself into the PMP Certification Courses is the best way to learn from the certified and experienced experts. Under their supervision, you can learn theatrical knowledge along with hands-on skills that are necessary to tackle down the scenario-based questions in the exam. The teaching experts will also help you to gain expertise over new concepts and principles of PMP that comes handy in the exam hall.

Have a schedule or plan

A schedule or study plan can help you stay on the right track. Right before you settle down to study, you need to prepare a list of goals you want to achieve and plan how you are going to achieve them. Let’s come to the fact: we all know how nerve-wracking it can be to prepare for the exam and without having the proper roadmap, it is easy to get lost with no idea where you are actually heading.

However, just because you have come up with the plan doesn’t guarantee that you can clear the exam, you need to stick to it to clear the exam. It is the point where things become hard to handle but if you really want to set yourself apart from the crowd, then make sure you follow the plan closely to cover everything.

Do practice, practice, and more practice!

The last tip to ace the PMP exam is to “practice”. PMP exam is generally based on the scenario questions which are quite diverse. Hence, theoretical knowledge is not sufficient to answer these questions. This is where practical questions come to rescue.

As you will start practicing, you will come to acknowledge a variety of questions that can be divided into multiple categories. While some questions are short others are long and lengthy. PMP students will also have to answer the IITO questions that revolve around the tools and techniques of PMP. So, how does practice help? Well, it helps to identify the question category and solve it within the minutes.

Now, even after reading the above tips, if you still think that it is impossible to pass the PMP exam then, you need to enroll yourself in PMP Certification training Courses with iGlobe Career. For more details, visit the website.

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