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Artificial Intelligence- The Upcoming Future of Tech World and Humankind

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What is the first thought that appears in your mind after you hear the word “Artificial Intelligence?” Don’t tell me you were thinking about terminators or flying cars.

Although robots and self-driving cars are still part of the distant dream, the era of artificial intelligence is here. You can find it right in your home in the form of your personal favorite digital assistant, Alexa, or as a chatbot on your website.

The future of tech is here, and as many believe it will replace 800 million jobs at the end of 2030.

Terrifying…isn’t it?

But there is no time to panic and hide in your shell; it is time to prepare yourself for the future. Although the types of jobs AI will automate are still the topic of debate, it is always better to prepare yourself for better and worse with Artificial Intelligence certification and training courses.

AI evolutions- the past and the future

If we consider the past to analyze the progress and development AI has made this far – the thought of machines taking over human intelligence is thought-provoking. Perhaps, it can only be the only thought that can instill fear in our mind- the convergence of AI taking over humans.

In the 1970s when the world entered into the digital- you know what I mean- it was the time when computers were introduced to the world and just like any other technology it also went through the same amount of criticism. But isn’t it how every technology settled in with human society from the rough critic starts to a smooth path?

Relating AI to other technology revolutions, the world is on the cusp of the revolution, due to which there is productivity growth.

Why you shouldn’t fear AI

The reason why the word “Artificial Intelligence” instills fear in our minds is that we find this revolutionary technology a threat to our jobs. While it is true that AI will replace some of the current jobs, but a lot of jobs will be created- jobs that will require human creativity and diversity of thinking and imagination.

In all honesty, companies who are thinking about replacing employees with AI are offering Artificial Intelligence certification and training courses to prepare their employees for an exciting future ahead.

Will AI take over every industry in the future? 

Maybe or maybe not- the future is unpredictable. Alexa, Siri, and Google assistance that are just a few examples of the AI in our personal spaces still relies upon human capabilities when it comes to seamless functions. While Artificial Intelligence can perform some tasks better than human beings, it has its own limitations, and although it did well in a few sectors, it is still far away from taking over our jobs.

AI- job opportunities for you

Considering the skyrocketing demand for AI professionals, sectors like education, security, agriculture, and entertainment- will face many drastic changes in the upcoming years.

We are 3 months away from 2021 and have already seen the drastic development in the field of AI that caught the attention and gained popularity.

However, among the benefits and rising demand, organizations are struggling to find the right AI professionals to bridge the knowledge and skills gap. While the future of AI is bright, there is no harm to stay prepared with iGlobe Career for Artificial intelligence certification and training courses for beginners.

There are several reputed platforms that offer AI certification and training courses to help aspirants with career goals in AI. Also, Artificial Intelligence certifications are also a great way to get there. AI will indeed make a huge impact on our lives, but with education, training, and strategy, we can take a plunge into a world filled with opportunities. Although the road ahead is bumpy, you can walk smoothly with the right skills.

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