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FAQ’s that are Mostly Asked about TOGAF Certification

FAQ’s That Are Mostly Asked About TOGAF Certification

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There is no doubt that having an impactful enterprise architecture is always beneficial for organizations. For that purpose having good knowledge of enterprise architecture concepts is a must that individuals can learn with a training program like TOGAF Certification courses.

Since TOGAF is quite popular, more and more individuals feel it is fascinating to learn TOGAF concepts and methodologies. But it is not as easy as it looks, those who are into it have plenty of questions cooking up in their mind. If you are one them, then below are the answers to such questions that will help you to get all your answers:

Why is Getting TOGAF training is Important?

As it is mentioned above, getting an experienced enterprise architect for the organization is a must for the organization. TOGAF is an open group industry standard framework.

The TOGAF certification training enables organizations both private and public sectors to implement this open method for IT Architecture. So that they can avoid lock-in to the proprietary methods of major consultancies.

What are the major domains where enterprise architecture can be used?

When it comes to domains, there are four types of architecture for overall enterprise architecture, all of which teaches TOGAF concepts to support:

  • Business or Business Process) Architecture – as the name defines it is used for making business strategies, governance, organization, and key business processes.
  • Data Architecture – this describes the structure of an organization’s logical and physical data assets and data management related resources.
  • Applications Architecture – this architecture domain gives you a blueprint for the individual application systems that need to be deployed.
  • Technology Architecture – This includes aspects like IT infrastructure, middleware, network systems, communications, processing, etc.

What is the right way to take the TOGAF Certification Exam?

However, the best way to do exam preparations for obtaining your TOGAF 9 credential is taking certification training for yourself. A training course can give you all the tools you need to succeed on the exam on your first try. It will also help you become fluent in TOGAF 9 documentation and the language of the exam itself.

Still have more queries, then you can read out more about TOGAF Certification Exam at the website of iGlobe Career. Here, you can find a complete training and course to become a certified enterprise architect.

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