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Ethical Hacking Is The New Trend In The IT Industry

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In the present era, every business needs an ethical hacking professional who can deal with all the malicious activities that occur by hackers. As a consequence, the demand of Certified Ethical Hackers is rising and becoming the new choice of cyber security professionals. However, doing a security analyst role is not an easy thing to do, one should put lots of effort and learn skills to achieve goals. Like, the professional should have the basic knowledge of system security and hands-on experience in using penetration testing tools and techniques as well.

In simple words you can say that performing ethical hacking activities is a combination of several knowledge and skills. If you want to know more about these skills then this blog will elaborate some aspects that are directly connected to ethical hacking and its professionals.

What do you understand with the term ethical hacking?

Well ethical hacking is nothing different to cyber security, but only in a legal way. If a business doubts that any suspicious or illegal activity is happening in their organization then a certified ethical hacking professional can help them to protect and secure their informational data. In ethical hacking, a professional tests the whole security measures and finds out all the loopholes and data breaches.

Once all the flaws are identified, they make sure to end all the breaches so that no one can barge into the system or network. However, aspirants choose Certified Ethical Hacking Training to learn all these tricks and techniques so that they can get hired by top organizations and get good salary packages as well. But before diving deep into that, let’s start with some more information about why becoming a CEH is a must for professionals.

Why do you need a CEH certification?

A CEH certification simply helps penetration testers to land into their dream jobs by validating their skill set that are relevant to the industry standard. Here are some more reasons that explain the necessity to get CEH certified.

Makes you a perfect fit for the work

When it comes to stepping into cyber security, an Ethical Hacking certification is the one that validates your skills as a penetration tester and gives you opportunities in line with the industry-recognized standards. As an ethical hacker, the results you deliver or the vulnerabilities you will find are enclosed within a confidential shell. In such cases, proving your skillset and fitment for a job gets a bit tricky for you.

You have to take care while divulging the important details to a hiring manager, as you would possibly not want to risk any legal agreement along with your former employer. A CEH certification helps you determine a benchmark for your expertise as an ethical hacker and showcases you as a rightful candidate for various cyber security roles.

Actualizes your salary expectations

Certified professionals are easy to onboard in a company, because the requirement of a specific training is minimum. Employers in cyber security prefer a candidate with comprehensive knowledge in the field, which exposes a certified ethical hacker to a plethora of opportunities at a considerable pay-scale.

Maps to the industry frameworks

Learning about CEH course curriculum is must for gaining a CEH certification map to industry frameworks. It helps you additional your career as a federal employee, as CEH v11 falls perfectly under the great 2.0 framework’s Specialty Areas – Protect and Defend (PR) and Analyze (AN) and Securely Provision (SP).

Provides job security

With cybercrime rising at an incredible pace, the necessity for qualified and certified cyber security professionals is continually growing. Investing in cyber security resources is simply cost-effective, because the average price to clean up after being hacked is $690,000 for low budget or small businesses and over $1 million for a medium-scale business. An industry-recognized certification will facilitate you to showcase your capabilities as a skilled and knowledgeable IT security professional during this growing demand and guarantee your job.

How to become a certified ethical hacker?

To become an ethical hacking professional, you need to pass the CEH exam that consists of a set of 125 multiple choice questions that require to be answered in four hours. The training is provided by EC-Council to maintain the integrity of the certification exams by offering different question banks. Many aspirants opt to take a certification training course so they’ll do a stronger preparation for the CEH Exam.

If you’re also planning like them, then doing a training from iGlobe Career will be beneficial for you to crack the exam in your first attempt. As they provide various ethical hacking training courses with certified and well experienced instructors.

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