What is E-Learning?

Transform lives, digitalize traditional learning with iGlobe Career’s impactful and convenient e-learning experience. With elements like quality content, pre-recorded videos, around the clock support, exam-friendly practice, personalized analyzing report, quizzes, and learner-appropriate strategies, we have a whole new standard for students across the globe.


With the revolutionary change of technology, iGlobe Career is empowering k-12 education by bringing it on online platforms. Prioritizing personalized learning, our k-12 learning model consists of a balanced mixture of online and offline teaching experiences that allow teachers to take charge of their students’ learning while providing the necessary freedom to learn at their own pace. Our K-12 preparation covers:
  • ICSE Board
  • CBSE Board
  • 20+ Board Preparation
  • Offline learning

Exam Preparation

At iGlobe Career, we believe it takes a strong foundation of knowledge for students to even sit in Olympiad exams, scholarship exams (IMO, NTSE, KVPY), JEE and NEET and attempting different questions from different sources will definitely not help. Hence, we offer our detailed e-learning modules to help students comprehend, prepare and practice to ace the exam within the first attempt. Our exam preparation covers:
  • Olympiad
  • NEET Exams
  • JEE Exams
  • Scholarship (IMO, NTSE, KVPY)

Institute e Management

Dreaming about managing your institute remotely without any hassle? iGlobe Career can make this dream come true with the help of e-management solutions. With the right blend of ERP and CMS, our experienced professionals will automate all administrative tasks leaving plenty of time to focus on students. Backed by the right resources, skills and staff, we will ensure smooth school operations. Designed for different educational institutes, our e-management model is suitable for:
  • Schools
  • Coaching Centers
  • Private Home Tutors

Blended Learning Institute

Bring a much-required change in your traditional teaching structure with a blended learning model that goes beyond one-to-one sessions and high-grade gadgets. Designed to inspire, our blended learning for institutes leverages high-quality material, recorded lectures, in-person experience, practice-test, doubt sessions, mock tests, customized analysis and more to deliver a more personalized experience for students. Structured uniquely to suit each educational institute, our blended learning model includes-
  • Blended Learning for School
  • Blended Learning for Coaching Centers
  • Blended Learning for Private Home Tutors