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Learn Different Levels Of Ethical Hacking Process

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Want to gather more info about pursuing a career in ethical hacking?

Well, pursuing an Ethical Hacking Training course is the best way to step into a cyber security career. However, getting a certified title comes with plenty of benefits or perks for a professional as well as organizations also. But this domain is quite underrated as not many aspirants understand the actual importance of this domain. 

So let’s start with a short description of why ethical hacking skills are necessary for individuals and organizations as well. 

Why Ethical Hacking is Important? 

Let’s understand why Ethical Hacking or penetration testing is such an important part of the IT industry. For this, we need to understand some cases and types of Ethical Hacking. So here are a few of them:

  • Testing password strength
  • Understanding system security settings and privilege levels in the domain account and database administration by testing out the exploits
  • Doing Penetration test after every software update or after including a new security patch for security purpose
  • Ensuring that data communication channels cannot be intercepted
  • Testing validity of authentication protocols 
  • Ensuring security features in the applications, which will protect organizational and user databases and information
  • Defense against denial-of-service attacks
  • Network security and testing of anti-intrusion features

However, the above-mentioned tasks are crucial to protect the integrity of a digital lifestyle and work environment. If organizations do not hire Certified Ethical Hackers to deter the threat of unethical or illegal hackers, then you are setting yourself up for disaster.

Phases of Ethical Hacking

While it comes to levels of the ethical hacking process, there are multiple phases that are involved in any elaborate hacking process. Let’s undergo them one by one.


Before executing any hack, you should gather up at least some preliminary information about the target system. This information can be based upon the people or organizations connected to the target, details about the host system, or the target network. the first intention of this step is to engineer a hack depends on the precise techniques, technology, and security measures implemented by the target system.


Most of the time, hacking is completed through network access. Most of our devices, whether in a company or at home, are connected to a network. The common type of this network is Wi-Fi or WLAN. In offices, Ethernet connections are laid right down to ensure maximum efficiency. As a hacker, you’ll be able to take leverage of this factor and concentrate on gaining unauthorized access to the network of the target host. During this process, the network topology and vulnerable ports are revealed.

Gaining Access

The second aforementioned step to complete the informational data-gathering phase. Now, based on the gathered information, you need to start your hacking process your hack. This step involves breaking into the target system by cracking the password or bypassing the safety measures.

Maintaining access

After gaining access, firstly you have to make sure that after you had finished your first session, you will be able to retain access to the target system. This can be done through a backdoor. A backdoor is an exploit or a hack that’s left in the target system for future access. If you don’t leave a backdoor, the target system may implement a most recent security patch or reset its security measures, and you should execute or craft the hack all over again.

Clearing tracks

After completing the attack or hack, it’s important to get rid of the traces of your incursion. This step involves removing any backdoors, executables, or logs that will result in the attack being traced back to you or revealed in the first place.

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