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Systems Security Certified Practitioner (SSCP)

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In the cyber security, System Security Certified Practitioner Training Provider can be a great choice to earn a globally recognized advanced security administration and operations certification like the SSCP Training. This training is ideal credential for those professionals who aspires to gain technical skills and practical security knowledge in hands-on operation in IT roles. So if you are planning to learn system security skills, then this System Security Practitioner certification is a great way to do it. Contact iGlobe Career for More information!

Course Description

What are the objectives of this training?

The primary objectives of this SSCP course are:

  • Understanding to secure the systems and data.
  • Identify the system security methodologies to protect systems from attacks or threats.
  • Aspirant can become an integral part of this constantly-changing field.
  • To implement and operate wireless technologies.
  • Expand the skills and knowledge to fulfill organizational duties.

Prerequisites of the course

To pursue this Systems Security Certified Practitioner course training, individuals need to have Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge (CSSK).

Course Duration

This System Security Practitioner Certification course will take 32 hours to complete that can be extended if required.

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