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Scrum Fundamental Certification Training

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This Scrum Fundamental Certification and training course will teach aspirants about the key concepts of Scrum Fundamentals. Individuals will also learn how to use Scrum methodologies in their company and ways to maximize ROI by delivering projects using Scrum. Throughout this training, you will master a Scrum framework that is essential for delivering successful projects along with the Scrum team. This Scrum Training course will be ideal for beginners who desire to establish their career in Scrum and Agile.

Course description

Objectives of Scrum Fundamental training

  • Skills to Identify and remove obstacles in your Day-to-Day activities.
  • Ability to transfer agile knowledge and experience with the team.
  • Gain knowledge to identify and anticipate issues related to the practical.
  • Understand the importance of Scrum aspects in Business Justification.
  • Implementation of agile.

What are the prerequisites of a Scrum Fundamental course?

There is no formal requirements of Scrum Fundamental Certification, which means anyone who wants to learn can pursue this course.

What is the duration of Scrum Fundamental course?

Our online Scrum fundamental Certification is a 4 hours beginner course, which is most flexible learning mode for aspirants.

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