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SAfe DevOps Certification Training Course

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Want to begin your career in SAFe and looking for a SAFe DevOps Certification and Training Provider?

Well, iGlobe Career can assist you in that case with our SAFe DevOps Certification and Training that is designed for IT Professionals to enhance their knowledge and skills. With this SAFe DevOps Training, aspirants will get ability to learn key concepts of SAFe DevOps like continuous delivery pipeline, exploration, integration, deployment, CAMLR approach, flow of value and creating backlogs. This training is helpful for professionals to implement lean agile development at enterprise scale along with the combination of DevOps with the power of SAFe. In simple words, this training in SAFe DevOps Certification is ideal for beginners to begin their SAFe professional career.

Course Description

Objectives of this certification

The primary objectives of SAFe DevOps certification are given below:

  • Implementing an action plan for DevOps transformations
  • Identify flow value through a delivery pipeline
  • Get knowledge of CALMR approach along with the ability to explain it to others
  • Get access the release process
  • Skills of using concepts and continues security
  • Identify the fundamental needs of customers and try to fulfill them


There are no certain requirements to take this course, which simply means anyone can pursue this training.

What is the duration of this training?

SAFe is one of the the short term-28 hour certification series, which will you to gain experience in SAFe DevOps certification and skills.

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