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Natural Language Processing With Python Training

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This Natural Language Processing Certification and Training course is designed for professionals who are working with python language. This certification covers all the fundamentals of pythons, topic modeling, and several techniques of TF-IDF. Moreover, this Artificial Intelligence course will facilitate professionals to use NLP, so that they can analyse and summarize block of test, create a chat bot, auto tag, name entity recognition and more.

Course description

Objectives of Natural Language Processing with Python

  • Write python spam detection code
  • Latent semantic indexing in python
  • Write python sentiment analysis code
  • Write python with your own article spinner
  • How to use n-Gram models to analyze the bag of words.
  • Learn techniques to evaluate common file types
  • Get knowledge of the fundamentals of natural language processing in python library
  • Implement a bag of words modeling and Tokenization of text
  • Learn latent semantic analysis and its usage
  • Work with real-time data
  • Learn to use I python notebooks


    The one should have knowledge of machine learning, python, Linear algebra and probability as Natural Language Processing Training requirements. Moreover, the one should know how to install numerical libraries for python such as Numpy, Scipy, Scikit-learn, Matplotlib, and beautifulSoup.

    Duration of the course

    The duration of the Natural Language Processing Certification classes is 20 hours that can be extended if required. If you want to learn all these Natural Language processing skills, then this training is just designed for you. So grow with iGlobe Career by learning this course!

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