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Linux Fundamentals Certification Training

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Those who are finding a Linux Fundamentals Certification and Training providers can take a glance to iGlobe Career. By offering Linux Fundamental Certification and training, we always focus on training professionals to teach them how to successfully install, manage and secure Linux servers. Throughout this Linux Fundamental Training course, you will master all the fundamental tools and techniques used in Linux as well as Unix operating systems. So, don’t time anymore and enroll for this training today!

Course Description

Objectives of this Certification

At the end of this Linux Fundamental Training, you will be able to:

  • Gain expertise in the concepts of Linux fundamentals.
  • Understand the process of installation and configuration of Linux.
  • Create network setup and can configure it.
  • Learn the basics of file system management.
  • Have deep knowledge of Red Hat Enterprise Linux.


There are no certain requirements for this course, but if you have basic knowledge of operating systems that would be beneficial for quick learning the fundamentals of Linux.

What is the duration period for this course?

The Training in Linux fundamental is 7 hours longer that can be extended according to the mode of learning.


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