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Kubernetes Training and Certification

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Getting a leading Kubernetes Certification and Training provider is as similar as finding a needle in the haystack. That is why we are here to help professionals so that they can stay away from fake promises and training providers. At iGlobe Career, we focus on training beginners to get expertise over the basic architecture of Kubernetes. With our Kubernetes Certification and Training, you can learn how to work with network plugins, understand Kubernetes security, Kubernetes cluster and also allow developers to work with different containers by using fewer resources. If you want to master these skills, so ahead and enroll for Kubernetes Certification without having any second thoughts.

Course description

What are the objectives of this certification?

By the end of this Kubernetes training course, you will get:

  • Install and configure of Kubernetes cluster.
  • Understand what Kubernetes security is.
  • How to do audit logs and troubleshoot Kubernetes cluster.
  • Understanding of process to create and deploy Kubernetes clusters of machines running container.
  • Create federations to manage Kubernetes clusters
  • Ability to run stateless and stateful applications on Kubernetes

What are the pre-requisites for this training?

To pursue this Training in Kubernetes, you need basic knowledge or experience in Linux command line, file editing skills, and Programming language such as Python, Node.js, and Go.

What will be the duration of this certification?

This Kubernetes Certification course will take 40 hours, that can be extended as per your mode of learning.


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