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Git and GitHub Training & Certification Course

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Looking for a Git & GitHub Certification and Training Provider in USA to learn more about software development?

Well, iGlobe Career can be the answer for the above question by offering series of DevOps Certifications including Git & GitHub Certification and Training. Our certification begins with fundamental concepts like Git branch, commits and progresses to advanced topics like design and Git workflow. Later on, the Git & GitHub Certification will cover various components of Git and GitHub and ways to use it in software development operations. Therefore, investing your time and money in the Git and GitHub Training & Certification can be the best career decision you will ever make.

Course Description

What are the objectives of this course?

The fundamental objectives of Git & GitHub Training and certification are:

  • Learn how to install, setup and configure Git tool on several Operating Systems.
  • Ability to create, configure and clone Repository in Git and GitHub.
  • Use of Git tools such as add and commit, Git push, merging repositories, tagging, Git log
  • Able to work on Git commands like commit, reset, push, revert, checkout, fetch and merge
  • Knowledge to work on several open source projects by using Git and GitHub.

What are the pre-requisites of this training?

Our Git & GitHub certification course is specially designed for beginners that simply means that there is no need to have any experience.

What will be the duration of this training?

The Git & GitHub Training course will take at least 15 hours for completion.


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