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CompTIA A+ 900

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In the IT industry seeking a dedicated CompTIA A+ Certification Training Provider can as similar to finding a needle in the haystack for aspirants. If you are doing the same then it’s time to stop right at the moment and take a glance at the CompTIA A+ Training course by iGlobe Career. With this training anyone can determine the proficiency with computer hardware and operating systems. This course includes system skills such as computer architecture, modems, printer, hard disk setup, and operating system optimization. Hence, pursuing this certification will certainly open new doors of opportunities for candidates.

Course Description

What are the objectives of this CompTIA A+ Certification?

The CompTIA A+ course consists of some primary objectives which are:

  • How to assemble system components based on customer requirements.
  • Maintain devices, PCs, and software for users
  • Understand the basics of networking and security
  • Ways to troubleshoot and resolve common hardware and software issues
  • Provide appropriate customer support
  • Understanding fundamentals of virtualization, desktop imaging, and deployment.


The CompTIA A+ certification is designed for beginners that’s why there are no formal requirements to take this course. Furthermore, having fundamental knowledge of PCs and networks will be an additional advantage for aspirants.

What is the duration for CompTIA A+ certification?

The CompTIA A+ certification course is a short term 18 hours training, in which students will get a brief introduction of the IT equipment, tools and techniques.

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