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Combo of Scrum Product Owner & Agile Expert Training

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Being one of the best Scrum Product Owner & Agile Expert Certification and Training providers of USA, we always aim to share an in-depth knowledge of Agile methodologies and an advanced level of Professional Scrum Product Ownership knowledge. With the Combo of Scrum Product Owner and Agile Expert training course, an individual can get a fundamental understanding of the Scrum framework, and how to apply it to maximize the value delivered with a product and an understanding of how the Scrum framework can support the creation of value. So if you want to learn these skills, then this scrum certification is just designed for you.

Course Description

Objectives of pursing this training

Here are the primary objectives of this Combo of Scrum Product owner & Agile Expert course:

  • Fundamental knowledge to identify issues related to the practical implementations.
  • Gain experience to carry out an agile project through simulated case studies.
  • Better understanding and synergy between customers and users.
  • Realization of major responsibilities of Scrum product owner & Agile Expert both.
  • Enough skills and ability to work with Scrum specialists and stakeholders.

Course Prerequisites

There is no formal prerequisite for this certification and if aspirants have basic knowledge about Scrum and Agile methodologies.

What is the duration of the course?

The Combo of Scrum Product owner & Agile Expert Certification is 16 hours longer course that can be extended as per the mode of learning.


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