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Change Management Certification Training Course

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Finding a Change Management Foundation and Practitioner Certification and Training Provider who can teach you right path to enhance your project and program management skills?

Well, iGlobe Career can be a perfect solution for learning Change Management Foundation and Practitioner Certification training that simply enhance your change management skills. Our Change Management Foundation course is the first part of this offering and outlines theories, models, approaches, concepts and roles in the field of Change Management and is a pre-requisite for the second part of the offering which is the Change Management Practitioner course. That’s why I would suggest you to enrol now as the certification is quite popular in the middle of Project Managers.

Course description

What are the objectives of this certification?

Our Certification in change Management Foundation and Practitioner have following objectives:

  • Implement the changes in project and program management framework.
  • Know how to identify the hierarchy or levels of an organization.
  • Can manage resistance to change management.
  • Learn formal and structured learning in change management.
  • Establish teams of change to do organizational changes for assured success.
  • Ability to develop motivation in people during change.


The Change Management Foundation and Practitioner Training is 7 hours longer which includes video sessions and lectures


Formerly, there are no pre-requisites to pursue this Change Management Foundation and Practitioner course. However, having minimal knowledge of management would be beneficial for fast learning.

Our Change Management Foundation and Practitioner certification covers:

Module 1: What is Change Management?

Module 2: Identifying Change 1: Strategy & Drivers

Module 3: Identifying Change 2: Culture Roles & Vision

Module 4: Plan the Change

Module 5: Change & the Individual

Module 6: Stakeholder Engagement

Module 7: Communication

Who should pursue this course?

This course is ideal for:

  • Business analysts
  • Consultants
  • Change project managers
  • Transformation managers
  • Senior responsible owners
  • Project managers
  • Those who want to learn about the change management

How will I get my course syllabus?

After the enrolment process done, the candidate will receive a copy of the whole course documentation prepared by our experienced instructor.

What are the basic steps to enrol for this project management training?

You can enrol for this Change Management Foundation and Practitioner Training course by selecting a convenient schedule from the given dates. Then enrol for the certification by making the payment and get pre-reading materials from iGlobe Career to begin your preparation.

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