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Certification in Cloud Security Professional (CCSP)

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In the cloud industry, Cloud Security Professional Certification Training Providers are always in demand for providing reliable cloud computing certifications online and offline learning modes. Through our CCSP Training Course, you will receive step-by-step guidance and an easy-to-follow, detailed lesson that will help you to accelerate your career in the growing field of cloud security. This course will allow aspirants to gain necessary knowledge and skills in cloud security design, implementation, architecture, operations, controls, and compliance with regulatory frameworks. So hurry up to enroll for this CCSP Training!

Course description


After completion of this certification, you can:

  • Operate, analyze, and manage physical infrastructure for cloud computing environments.
  • Build, operate, and conduct risk assessment of logical infrastructures for cloud.
  • Ensure compliance with regulation and controls.
  • Conduct risk assessments of physical infrastructures on cloud platform.
  • Use methods to acquire, collect and preserve digital evidence.
  • Manage communication with and identifying relevant parties.
  • Audit and monitor tools, mechanisms, and facilities.
  • Handle any kind of privacy problems in cloud computing.
  • Implementation of skills used for crime analysis and gathering evidence.

Prerequisites of CCSP

To pursue this course, candidates must have 5 years of working experience in the IT industry out of which 3 years in information security domain is must.

Course Duration

The Cloud Security Professional Certification training will take 50 hours to complete, but you can extend it as per your comfort and schedule.

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