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AWS Certified Sysops Administrator – Associate Training

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Because of the huge popularity of Amazon, the AWS Certified Sysops Administrator – Associate Training providers are huge in-demand. Moreover, building a career with AWS certified skills is highly recommended to become a successful professional in the IT industry. With this AWS Certified Sysops Administrator training, developers and administers can comprehend the process of deploying, managing and operating the scalable and secure system on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform.

Course description

What are the objectives of this AWS training?

The primary objectives of pursuing this training are:

  • Understanding of AWS tenets- architecture for cloud computing.
  • Knowledge of network technologies which should be related to AWS.
  • Identify relevant use of AWS operational best practices.
  • Learn to implement and control the flow data from AWS cloud.
  • Identify and deploy suitable AWS services based on compute, data and security essentials.

What is the duration of the course?

The entire course would take around 24 hours for your completion, but you can extend it if required.

What are the prerequisites of the course?

In order to enroll for this training the aspirant need:

  • At least a year of experience managing AWS-native applications.
  • Complete knowledge of AWS technical- essential
  • Experience in managing, maintaining, operating, and gathering requirements.
  • Knowledge and ability to define solutions that will be built on AWS
  • Capable to identify the best AWS deployment guidance and practices throughout the cycle

The curriculum of the course includes the following content:

  1. Domain 1: Monitoring and Reporting 
    1. Create and maintain metrics and alarms utilizing AWS monitoring services 
    2. Recognize and differentiate performance and availability metrics 
    3. Perform the steps necessary to remediate based on performance and availability metrics 
  2. Domain 2: High Availability 
    1. Implement scalability and elasticity based on use case 
    2. Recognize and differentiate highly available and resilient environments on AWS 
  3. Domain 3: Deployment and Provisioning 
    1. Identify and execute steps required to provision cloud resources 
    2. Identify and remediate deployment issues 
  4. Domain 4: Storage and Data Management 
    1. Create and manage data retention 
    2. Identify and implement data protection, encryption, and capacity planning needs 
  5. Domain 5: Security and Compliance 
    1. Implement and manage security policies on AWS 
    2. Implement access controls when using AWS 
    3. Differentiate between the roles and responsibility within the shared responsibility model
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What are the essential tools I need for online training?

Being a learner the tools you would need to take practice lessons are:

  • Mac: OSX x10.6 or higher version
  • Window: XP SP3 or higher
  • Internet speed: 512 Kbps or higher is preferable
  • Headphone: you will need headphones to hear instructions as well as microphones to communicate with online experts for better learning experience.

Who can do this training?

The AWS Certified Sysops Administrator course is designed for:

  • System administrator
  • Software developer
  • Operational developers who are willing to expand their area of knowledge
  • individuals who have at least one year of hands-on experience in designing and developing feature-filled applications on AWS portal.

What kind of preparation I need to do for the exam?

There is nothing better than hands-on experience from iGlobe Career, as there are several basic -level AWS training that will help you get hands-on experience for this AWS Sysops Administrator Certification exam.

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