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AI & Deep Learning with Tensor Flow

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AI & Deep Learning Certification and training course is designed for AI professionals to upgrade their knowledge of AI algorithms. This training covers applied machine learning methodologies by using Tensor flow so that you can create powerful AI models. Moreover, it will help you to develop a deeper understanding of how neural networks work, so that you can do the Deep Learning Specialization. This Artificial Intelligence training is must to have for software developer as tensor is known as one of the most in-demand open-source deep learning framework. So enrol and book your place now with iGlobe Career!

Course description


Here are some AI & Deep Learning with Tensor Flow certification Objectives:

  • Learn ways to use tensor flow, a popular open source machine learning framework
  • Ability to build up a basic neural network in tenser flow
  • Knowledge of basic concept of deep learning and various algorithms
  • Understand various machine learning paradigms
  • Implement the tools to create deep learning algorithms
  • Ability to tackle biggest problems in a machine and deep learning
  • Learn how to create deep neural networks by using real data or information


    There are some requirements of AI & Deep learning with tensor flow certification, for that the one should have basic python programming skills and knowledge how to install anaconda.

    Duration of the course

    This combined AI & Deep Learning Certification classes are 50 hours longer training that can be extended as per the learning mode.

    This certification covers the following topics:

    • Introduction to neural networks
    • Minimal examples about your first machine learning algorithm
    • Tensor Flow – An introduction
    • Going deeper: Introduction to deep neural networks
    • Back propagation. A peek into the Mathematics of Optimization
    • Overfitting and Initialization
    • Gradient descent and learning rates
    • Preprocessing
    • The MNIST example
    • Appendix: Linear Algebra Fundamentals
    • Conclusion
    • Bonus lecture for doubts

    Who should pursue this course?

    This Artificial Intelligence course is ideal for the following professionals:

    • To be data scientist
    • Professionals working in machine learning, deep learning, and artificial intelligence.
    • Anyone who desires to learn coding and developing a machine and deep learning algorithms from scratch.

    Why should I go for this training?

    This Artificial Intelligence certification course will teach you game changing techniques with tensor flow to achieve artificial intelligence. That is why this training is must to have if you are a data science or machine learning professional.

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