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Why Individuals Are Building Career in Artificial Intelligence In 2021

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When we hear the term “Artificial Intelligence” the instant images of digital assistants, robots, self-driving cars, or our personal digital assistants appear in our minds. Although the future of the flying car is still a distant dream- we will continue to see the advancement in the field of AI and machine learning as they hold the key to future tech. Although there are also other technologies that will eventually grow, machine learning and artificial intelligence training are something that will creep on us.  

The reality of AI job roles among the pandemic?

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, the market witnessed a sharp rise in AI. Professionals understand that economic status is not the same as it was a year back, but AI talent can remain positive through this.

Stating that most of the domains across all sectors have started to embrace AI and ML the talent will be in huge demand in 2021 and coming years.

Will AI be the next frontier in the IT world?

Yes, it is true that pandemic has destroyed millions of jobs, but giants are still expanding with AI. Sooner or later, companies will start integrating automation and robots to replace manual jobs. And events like pandemic will certainly change the timeline, but it is up to the human how they decide to integrate the technology into the world.

AI is indeed an ideal one for AI beginners and professionals pursuing AI certification and training courses to further enhance their knowledge and skills.

  • 30% of all the B2B companies will be employing AI to boost at least one of their sales processes
  • 80 % of B2B marketing executives proclaimed that AI would revolutionize the marketing industry by the end of 2021
  • 75% of commercial apps will use AI by 2022

A recent survey states that the lack of AI professionals is the largest barrier to AI adoption. Many organizations desire to hire professionals skilled in AI technologies, but they also need employees to be agile and change their skills over the specific time frame.

Things you need as a fresher to start your career in AI

A bachelor’s degree in any of the following subjects is a must step in the AI world:

  • Computer Science
  • Information Technology
  • Mathematics and Statistics
  • Finance
  • Economics

Apart from the bachelor’s degree, one must have analytical skills, creative thinking, problem-solving skills, and effective communication. These skills can be easily achieved through an online certification course from a renowned training provider. 

Things you need as a professional

Skills needed to become AI Professional

A roadmap towards becoming an AI engineer. AI is an emerging technology and most professionals are going with AI certifications from some of the best online programs.

Technical skills

  • Understanding of any programming languages like R, Python, Java, and C++
  • Statistics, Linear Algebra and Calculus
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Neural Network Architectures

Non-technical skills

  • Industry knowledge
  • Communication Skills
  • Critical Thinking

As we all are living in a technology-driven era where more aspirants are looking for ways to upgrade their skills and knowledge for the new-age tech jobs. Now, professional certifications are one of the major ways that give an employer the confidence and credibility of the individual they’re looking to hire. Therefore, pursuing Artificial Intelligence Training from iGlobe Career can help your career to rise. To sum up, AI is certainly making giant strides that we all need to rule and catch up with the technology.

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