Technology will not replace great teachers but the right technology in the hands of great teachers can bring a transformational change.

What is Blended Learning?

One of the greatest advantages of the technology boom is that today’s education initiatives can harness advanced technologies to customize content and create learning environments that diverge from typical classrooms. Blended learning is a comprehensive educational model that combines traditional classroom teaching methods with digital aspects to come up with an ideal learning experience for students. With the help of this significant model offered by iGlobe Career, schools, coaching centres and home tutors can augment student’s experience with in-person engaging lectures, practice tests, customized schedules and individual focus.

What is in for educational institutes?

Blended Learning Model for Schools

Educational institutes that look after the thousands of students can unlock a new learning experience with iGlobe Career’s Blended learning model for school. Our unique learning model that combines methods of teaching with technology, digital media, and classroom experience enables institutes to bring more flexibility, replacing their rigid learning structure with a modern learning experience. With our further guidance and assistance institutes can take advantage of:
  • Innovative teaching models
  • Self-paced practice sessions
  • Instant doubt clarification
  • Customized student assessment

Blended Learning Model for Coaching Institutes

“One size doesn’t fit all”- and at iGlobe Career, we are well versed with this fact, and hence, offers an advanced blended learning model designed for coaching institutes. As every student learns differently, we ensure our blended learning models consist of the right balance of both online and offline teaching to provide students with required in-person interaction, educational material, and practice tests to prepare at their own pace. By integrating our blended learning model, coaching institutes can offer several benefits including:
  • Concept Delivery Empowered With AI
  • Extended Training Programs
  • Immediate Feedback
  • Track Student Performance in Real-Time

Blended Learning Model for Home Tutors

One of the best things about the blended learning model is it can be approached in different ways, whether through large educational institutes or private home tutors. As most home tutors already have a classroom set-up, acquiring a blended learning model from an iGlobe career will simply aid them to leverage technology to move the majority of training online. Through our blended learning model, home tutors can one step further on the digital ladder and can offer:
  • Interactive and engaging lectures
  • Customized exam-friendly practice
  • Around the clock support
  • Regular revision and doubt sessions