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Guide for AWS Solution Architect Certifications Exam Preparations

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For IT professionals, finding one of the best AWS Solution Architect Certification Training Provider in USA is very tough thing to do. AWS certification courses are high in-demand IT certification these days and the marketplace is overcrowded with IT Certification Training Providers. Because of lots of options, it will be like finding a needle from haystack for IT Professionals.  In AWS, the professional level certs are an open field is only 16% right now. It simply means if you are certified with this title, you will definitely get shortlisted when looking for a job. So let’s discuss a complete guide and procedure how to become a Certified AWS Solution Architect.

However, career opportunities for AWS certified candidates are increasing tremendously, due to which there is huge interest from IT professionals.

Who is an AWS Solutions Architect?

However, First of all you need to understand the job role of AWS Solutions Architect who is responsible for deploying applications to infrastructure in the AWS cloud. Here are the primary job responsibilities of a AWS solution Architect:

  • Finding a solution for business problems with latest technology implementation.
  • Identifying the right platform, programming language, and framework to create an AWS solution.
  • Deciding on system maintenance and future scaling
  • Identifying and reducing the risks associated with third-party platforms 
  • Deciding the look and feel of the software
  • Ensure the infrastructure and architecture framework are well implemented
  • Monitor systems routinely to ensure that all business goals are met
  • Ensuring sustainability of configuration management

Footsteps to become an AWS Solution Architect 

So here are the steps or a path you can take in order to become an AWS Solutions Architect:

Step 1. Enroll in an Online Learning Course

Moreover, As an AWS Architect, you will require a good understanding of how to use the AWS cloud to create the most secure cloud environment for the organization. For this training, you will need to gain the skills for the AWS Solutions Architect jobs. By enrolling in a professional AWS Solutions Architect Training online course, you will be equipped with the necessary skills. It will also help you prepare for the AWS Solutions Architect – Associate level examination.

Skills required for an AWS Solutions Architect 

Following are the required skills:

  • Understanding of specific programming or scripting languages – Java, Python, or C#
  • Data storage fundamentals
  • Networking
  • AWS service selection
  • Cloud-specific patterns and technologies
  • Communication
  • Fluency in any operating system  such as Linux, Windows, Solaris, Ubuntu, or Unix

Choose an online course that offers:

  • Good knowledge of basic and advanced AWS concepts.
  • Real-time industry projects to give you hands-on experience and prepare you for your job.
  • Offers fundamental knowledge of AWS concepts usually asked in certification exams. 

Step 2. Qualify AWS Solution Architect Associate Certification Exam

Moreover, You will need to qualify a certification exam called AWS Solutions Architect – Associate Certification exam to become a certified AWS Solution Architect. There are two different levels of AWS Solution Architect Certification: 

Associate Certification:

  • It need at least one year of working experience in implementing solutions with using the AWS Cloud platform.

Professional Certification: 

  • After getting over 2 years of working experience in designing, operating, and troubleshooting solutions using the AWS Cloud. As an AWS Solution Cloud Architect, your next step can be preparing and qualifying the AWS Solution Architect – Professional Certification Exam

Step 3: Turn towards IT Industry Work & Apply for Jobs

However, The next step after qualifying certification is to take up some industry projects to use your knowledge. This will get you ready for real jobs. AWS certification can open the door to several high-paying jobs. With some work experience and certification, you may be able to move up the career ladder by not only getting a better salary but a more engaging position also.

However, As per research, there’s a shortage of experienced AWS within the market. Needless to mention, this is often the simplest time to urge certified and begin your career within the AWS cloud computing industry. Every business whether big or small is searching for AWS professionals who can provide them with customized and secure solutions needs. So, don’t wait anymore to become an AWS Solution Architect and start your journey now.As with anything you read on the web, take everything with a grain of salt.

While browsing the website of iGlobe Career, you’ll be able to see their methods by following the link, which describes the IT courses they offer for professionals. You can begin your cloud computing career with their AWS Certified Solution Architect – Associate Training course. Later on you can also take AWS Certified Solution Architect – Professional Training in order to level up your cloud computing skills. Stay connected with us and read our other blogs and articles as well!

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