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AWS Certifications: A Step towards Cloud Computing

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Want to learn cloud computing and looking for a way to do so?

Well, getting an AWS Certification training can be the right way for you if you are planning or thinking to become a certified cloud professional.  Getting AWS Credentials simply validates professionals to showcase their cloud based skills and knowledge. Along with that professionals can get so many other benefits that are associated with this credential. 

But the question is from where to start your AWS journey? 

Below is the answer to this question which contains all the major categories and certifications offered by AWS. 

Foundational Level Certifications

  • AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner: It is a certification that conveys all the foundational knowledge about AWS cloud technology with basic global infrastructure and architectural principles. In this certification, individuals can learn the basics of AWS cloud platform by understanding real use cases. Therefore, the certification is ideal for those who want to get an overall understanding of basic security, billing and deployment methodologies.

Associate Level Certifications

  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect: This certification validates the ability to deploy cloud based applications by using AWS technologies. By having a good fundamental understanding of all the AWS services and the global infrastructure, anyone can get better job and career opportunities in the future. 
  • AWS Certified SysOps Administrator: This one is for the holders who possesses the skills to operate, manage and implement High Availability (HA) solutions within the AWS cloud infrastructure.  And it also gives a solid understanding of how to manage the flow of data to and from AWS platforms.
  • AWS Developer: This one teaches the ability to deploy, develop, and even debug cloud based AWS applications services. It gives you in-depth knowledge of the basic AWS architecture along with best practices.

Professional Level Certifications

  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect: this certification is for those who want to take a step beyond the associate level Solutions Architect certification. It emphasizes the skills to dynamically deploy and design advanced fault tolerant applications on reliable AWS platforms.  Moreover, a professional develops the ability to do cost control as new designs are implemented across the organization.
  • AWS Certified DevOps Engineer: As the name implies, this is for those who are play role in development and operation within a company. Professionals with this certification are responsible for managing the operation and provisioning of AWS EC2 environments. Moreover, they are also responsible for security controls compliance and advanced governance implementations.

Speciality Certifications

AWS Specialty certification category is a special one for those who are working or want to work in a certain IT role. It provides career opportunities for IT professionals to emphasize certain information technology disciplines. Currently, there are five certifications that are available in this category: 

  • AWS Certified Advanced Networking: Allow professionals to implement and manage network architectures while following AWS best practices.
  • AWS Certified Alexa Skill Builder: Understanding of the designs and architectures of AWS along with Alexa while using AWS best practices.
  • AWS Certified Big Data: Focus on implementing Big Data services to maintain large amounts of data with the help of AWS infrastructure.
  • AWS Certified Machine Learning: Teaches machine learning solutions by associating it with AWS cloud services.
  • AWS Certified Security: it is designed for professionals with a security role in the company. Along with this you will get a unique understanding of data classifications, encryption options, protocols and a working knowledge of AWS security services.

So the blog ends here, if you are thinking of going for any of the above training courses, you can take a glance at the AWS certification courses online at iGlobe Career. If you still have any confusion or query then our support team is here, you can connect with us at our official social media accounts and website too.

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