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Aspects of PMP Training Every Professional Should Consider

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In this fast pacing world, having appropriate knowledge and skills has become an essential need for professionals. When it comes to choosing a career path, project management always is on the top of the list. For this reason, more individuals opt for it as a career option and take online certification training also.

Are you seeking a Project Management Certification training that will help you to work on your projects efficiently?

If yes, then you should read this blog till the end, because this blog covers some aspects related to project management.

What is the term Project management?

In simple words, project management training is a way to sharpen up your abilities so that you can manage complex projects without any huddle. Moreover, it helps to get expertise in handling multiple projects at a single moment without any hindrances. It will boost your career graph towards new heights and gives you an edge compared to other professionals. In short, it is an excellent way for beginners as well as professionals to level-up their skillset and knowledge also.

What will you get through this training?

This PMP training is associated with so many benefits such as high market value, increased credibility, and in many cases, higher pay. For that reason, more and more individuals opt for a promising career path. This training is a complete beginner-level certification that allows them to grab the best possible opportunities.

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Requirements and application process of PMP training

Just like other certifications, PMP also contains some requirements that need to be fulfilled to attempt the exam. For example, the individual should have at least a 4-year bachelor’s degree and 4500 hours of experience in directing and leading projects. Otherwise, a secondary diploma with 7500 hours of experience in handling projects is a must to have. In spite of this, 35 hours of project management education is required for the training.

At the time when fill up your application form with all the pre-requisites or requirements of PMP training exam, PMI Wil analyse it within 90 days. After that they do a complete review of your application to make sure you are meeting all the pre-requisites. If everything is as similar as their needs they will notify you over the mail on your registered email-ID. After the confirmation process you will be able to compelte the payment process for the eamination. Upon the successful completion of you application, you will get the examination date that is scheduled by the PMI itself.

PMP Certification Exam Structure & Weightage

Recently, PMI announced some changes in the weightage and exam structure for the better future of professionals. It will analyse candidate’s project management knowledge in the following five domains. The weightage of questions for every domain includes:

Project Management AreaWeightage
Initiating the project13%
Planning the project24%
Executing the project30%
Monitoring and Controlling the project25%
Closing the project8%

Responsibilities of A PMP Professional

  • Ability to maintain your higher standards of professional integrity
  • Encourage others in the profession to act in a professional manner
  • Continuously seek guidance to enhance the professional capabilities
  • Upholding the code
  • Compliance with all mandatory rules and regulations
  • Be responsible for your actions
  • Stick to ethical standards and legal requirements
  • Protect stakeholder and balance stakeholders interest in the project
  • Make sure that a conflict of interest does not compromise a customer’s legitimate interest
  • Maintain confidential information
  • Act in an accurate, truthful manner
  • Reporting illegal or unethical behavior
  • Be aware of cultural differences

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